Change balance on Directstream Dac?

Wonder if anyone can pitch in to help, thanks. :slight_smile:

Bought my DS Dac around the time of Redcloud, have the newer silver All-In-One remote.
Up till recently I used a Logitech Harmony Hub (with IOS App) to control all my gear, including PSA BHK and DS dac.

Well, until Logitech decided to brick it with a firmware update that is…
So back to “old school” remotes for now.

The Balance seems off when playing via the Dac, I’d like to check volume balance on the DAC is 92_92?

BHK balance is adjustable from the remote, but cant see anything for the Dac.
With the Harmony Hub setup before I had the option, but stuck as to how to check balance on the Dac now.

Suppose I could reflash Sunlight to reset everything, but would prefer not to if possible.

Any idea folks?

Taking a look at the newer remote’s photo in the Owner’s Reference there doesn’t appear to be a way to check/change the DAC’s channel balance. Unless someone else on the Forum knows a workaround you might just have to reload Sunlight and set the volume to 92 that way.

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thinking that myself Joe.

Not the end of the world, may take a few days for the Dac to get back to sounding its best, but least I’ll know the balance is spot-one.

(Currently reading through Sunlight Technical thread for best way to load it. Back to Yale first I think?)

I’ve never had to load an earlier version to get a clean load or reload. I always leave the SD card seated in the Bridge and if for whatever reason I want to reload I just turn off the rear panel switch, wait a few seconds and then power it on again. I do not have an I2S connection just coax, optical and Ethernet and it’s never been an issue.

I do, however, make sure the integrated I use is set to an input other than the DAC so that when it initializes I don’t get any loud thumps.

I could be wrong since I’ve yet to have a full cup of coffee but, from memory, on the new remote the channel balance works both preamp and DAC. What might be confusing is the word “preamp” just below the balance control but look closely and you’ll see that “preamp” refers to the input select buttons below.


I don’t have the new remote but I’d take your uncaffeinated memory any day to my fully caffeinated one.

Have a coffee Paul, you’ve earned it.

Kudos to the software guys on the latest remote, if you adjust something on the preamp, the balance control works the Pre.

Adjust, say, volume on the Dac the balance control works the Dac.
A neat solution.


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Great to know,
impatience got the better of me and loaded up Yale and now Sunlight again.

Went straight from Windom before, went ok with no issues, but THINK I’d maybe left an i2s cable in at that time?
A clean reinstall wont do any harm.

Anyways, problem sorted. :woozy_face:

Thanks All.

I concur. The balance button would drive the device right after using its remote volume. So, if I adjust BHK pre volume and use balance right after that, it would change the BHK balance. If it was the DS DAC volume that I adjusted last, then balance would change on the DS DAC.

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For those of us who don’t use the remote, can we set balance on the tochscreen?

I could not find that :wink:

I don’t believe that is an option we put on the touch screen.

Right, sadly not an option within the screen’s menu. To change balance on the DAC, press the volume button for the DAC once and then the balance buttons will control the DAC. Same for the pre. Press the volume button labeled for the pre, then the balance will control the pre.


Thank you! Now I have to figure out where I put the remote! :thinking: