Changing Powerplant Premier input voltage from 110v to 220v

Just wonder if the 110v input version can be reconfigured to 220v.

Assuming you also want the output to be 220v, it cannot be done.

Yes and no. To change it you need a different power cartridge which we no longer stock after all these years.

Would a suitably rated step down transformer work if you want to plug in 110V equipment into the power plant? Do you also have to match the frequency?

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply. Does it mean if I have the 220V version cartridge, the transformers do not need to be changed?


If memory serves, yes, that is true. In all Power Plants, we use the same transformer for both 120 and 220 operation. The proper windings are selected. On a more modern P20 or P15, that is handled in a wiring block inside and has to be done at the factory or the distributor. In the older PPP the different power cartridges handled that.

Is your power plant the 110 V version or the 220 V version?

What is your incoming voltage?
What voltage do you want to come out of the power plant?

The unit is 110V version. Want to use it in 220V location with 220V output