Power Plant Premiere - Output Voltage

Hi to all.

I wanted to know if it is correct that often, the output voltage has a lower value than the input voltage.
Has anyone noticed the same behavior?

Regards, Angelo

I have a re-built PPP, 2 years old. My input voltage is 117V and the output
is a rock solid 120V. 1.4% distortion in, 0.2% out. Obviously, input is dependant
on your electrical grid.

Hope this helps.

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It certainly depends on the voltage that is coming in. It should, within reason, be cable to regulate the voltage to where you have it set. If you’re questioning whether or not the PPP is working properly, the distortion will be a better figure to look at. Depending on the THD that is coming in, the output shouldn’t be much higher than .5-.7%.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I just detected the following values:

  • Input Voltage → 235V
  • Output Voltage → 230V
  • Input THD 2,3%
  • Output THD 1,0%

Is this a correct behavior?

Output voltage seems good as I assume you have it set to 230V. THD seems a bit high, but for the PPP, not out of the realm of possibility. I’d say from these figures, all is working well.