I have been testing the Iconoclast BAV 75ohm RCA/RCA S/PDIF

I have had it hooked in to my system for about a week now. I have it running from my Bluesound Node 2i which has the power supply unit modified and powered by an Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 5v power supply. I use the BAV now from the Node 2i to my DirectStream Jr. This BAV is a great cable it is very open, clean, great backgrounds and the easiest way I can describe it is that I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before and as I’ve never heard the before with more dynamics. It’s simply a great performer!
I must also say that dealing with Bob Howard from Iconoclast has been a great experience too! They had the cable here so fast I was surprised! Just give one a try and see. I think you’ll love it.


Good Morning and thank you Kevin! This new BAV SPDIF cable is remarkable and considering the cost, is the absolute best choice in the marketplace. As always, there is never a risk in trying one of these. We take Belden 4694P (plenum) with FEP insulation and a silver plated 18 AWG copper conductor and add blue or grey TechFlex terminated at the exact length you ask for. The audio performance has to be heard.

4694A was developed as an upgrade to 1694A - Is description is Ultra high Definition 12G-SDI. We chose the 4694P, plenum variant to get the FEP insulation and to make this a cable you can run unwall or anywhere needed. A run of this as a 75 Ohm Coax with F-connectors for satellite or especially off air antenna video applications is stunning. For longer runs we can leave the TechFlex off and save a few bucks.

Highly, highly recommended!

Have a great weekend.


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I wonder how much of a step up in SQ this might be from an AQ Cinnamon coax.
I take it that the AQ Cinnamon is pretty much the “basic”, “norm” entry-level audiophile-style coaxial. (I’m happy with it)
AQ does not specify what polymer specifically is their nitrogen-injected hard-cell foam dielectric…
It is questionable how much their “noise dissipation layer” affects digital performance, but yes, AQ does have measured credibility with their digital cables.

But the Cinnamon’s conductor is not silver-plated, so how COULD IT compete?

Only one way to find out. Give the cable a try.

Ok I’ve been using this BAV S/PDIF for around 2 weeks now and it I think really stands out. For now I think it performs so well I’m staying with it in my system and…I don’t have to look any further for now. I’m sure I’d have to spend gobs more and it may not even sound better. It’s perfect for what I do in the streaming realm which I use for listening to new albums I’d like to hear before shelling out so I’m not a heavy streamer but I do need it to sound great when I use it. This cable sounds so right I can forget what the source is and for that I’m pleased.


Can’t find it on the BJC website. Cost for 3’ length, RCA terminations?

Plus their customer service is very good. Due to my stupidity I bought multiple pairs of the same custom length SPTPC XLRs some months ago. They very kindly took them back. (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob cursed.)

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You will need to visit the www.iconoclastcable.com site to find the BAV offerings. Pricing is shown. Thank you for your interest.

Sorry, can’t find it.

The choice table is here;

The data sheet is here;
Go to Belden 4694R (RG-6 sized, up to 12G, riser-rated)

The BAV series is the 4694P with foamed Teflon insulation. And yes, I don’t see this in the BAV section yet. I’ll ask Bob about that.


Have been using this Iconoclast now on my Node 2i (I’m still using the upgraded internal power supply board and the external LPS) to DirectStream DAC Mk2 for couple weeks and while this is not my primary connection to the Mk2 it sounds even better. Not surprising this is a great cable that sounds great and does not cost a ton!