Chernobyl - HBO mini series

I remember this too well, imagining what it must have been like to be involved or near the disaster

Well done story telling

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Really enjoyed the show as well…sure there was plenty of artistic license – but great story telling, as you noted – very compelling. I read somewhere that Gorbachev cites this event as a significant factor in accelerating the demise of the Soviet Union.

Very good show. And, as scary as it was at the time, it could have been much worse.

As an armchair nuclear power historian, I found the series the most remarkable TV I’ve seen in recent years.

There are some glaring inaccuracies and character composites but, come on people, it tells the story.

Wholeheartedly agree - I thought this was excellent.

The look and feel - the zeitgeist- was utterly convincing which added to the emotional power ( I grew up in the Soviet bloc).

I didn’t mind the “composites” - I thought this was a perfectly reasonable story telling device. More serious and valid is the criticism that the sort of public “truth telling” we saw (esp. at the trial) was utterly absent and really unthinkable at the time.

But the problem with total historical / cultural veracity would have been that the result would have been unwatchable as a drama. So, in the balance, I thought this “Hollywoodism” was excusable.

Very powerful series.

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Though the Chernobyl disaster is but a small aspect of the recent documentary film, I highly recommend “Meeting Gorbachev.” The movie is directed by Werner Herzog for any of you who are fans of his work.

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Really well done. I was trying to put my finger on why it was so good, and I think for me it was that it consistently focused on the human toll - not just the burned bodies and other loss of life, but how it affected those involved in trying to either cover it up or make it public, and the heroism of those called upon to attempt to fix it.

This book is riveting.


Well said and totally agree. One the best mini series of late. Compelling recreation with superb acting.

Finally watched this a few weeks ago. The first episode was the most difficult to watch cinema/ television I can remember watching. Very well done.