Choosing between Power Base versus P3/P5


I have a PWT and PWD stacked on top of each other. If I had to choose between getting a Power Base versus a Power Generator, which should I choose. My basis for choosing is constrained by the fact that 1) I only have space for one of these in my cabinet; 2) Heat generation as it will be in a cabinet (vented of course) and; 3) cost - best bang for your music enhancing buck?


There was no space under my P10 for a power base in my rack, so in my situation I went with the P10 and some Herbie’s tenderfeet. I’d say get the Px (3 or 5) and save up for the PowerBase later.



Personally, I think isolation should be one of the last tweaks you do. From my experience, adding the P3 into my system had a huge improvement, more than any other component in my system aside from speakers.


I bought the P10 before the PB came out, but I would still do it in that order again. Power first, vibration control and the additional filtration second.


I agree. Regenerate new power and get your power right first - build a good solid power foundation - then add the tweaks.


P3/5/10 first I reckon


I too would recommend going with a Power Plant first, and unless you have extreme power demands, a P5 seems to be a great bang for the buck, also better on space than a P10.