Second Powerbase

Just ordered a new Powerbase, which should arrive by the end of this week. I already have one that is under my PerfectWave DAC. Not sure where the best place is to put the new one. Options are under the P5, the amp or the pre-pro. While I will experiment, thought I’d solicit some opinions as to where I should try it first. Thanks.

No-brainer. P5.

It depends. If the amp and pre-pro are on a rack that purports some kind of vibration control and the P5 is on the floor then P5 is the easy answer. In general I would say the order to try would be P5, pre, amp. Sounds to me that you need at least one more PowerBase. :slight_smile:


From my experience. Put it under the p5. I great match.

Ok. Will try it under the P5 and plug into the P5. Would you then plug in the amp or the pre-pro into the Powerbase?

Try them both.

I would think under the Pre Pro would make the most sense, since everything gets it signal from there, and it’s the heart of the system… I can’t understand the point of a PB under the P5 except for vibration/isolation control… I mean why filter a filter?? Aren’t you just limiting current to the P5??

The PB does not limit current.

The additional filtering helps the PP as it cannot remove all line noise. Assume it removes all but 10% of incoming noise. If there is 4% distortion coming in, the output is 0.4%. Filter the incoming to 2% and the output is now 0.2%.

My suspicion is the vibration control makes the bigger improvement however.

erikm said: I would think under the Pre Pro would make the most sense . . .

Yes, until one remembers we ultimately are listening to the power supplies of our source, preamp, and amp as modulated by the musical signal. If the power is perfect, the modulation is all we are listening to. Any perfections in power that get through distort the signal.

The new PB arrived on Thursday. Put it under the P5, plugged it into the P5 and plugged the amp into the PB. Guess I plug the pre-pro in as well, but haven’t done that yet. In any case, I’m really surprised with the difference the second one makes. Everything just sounds better; and it is not a subtle difference. These dang things really work and work well.


Mix and match what you plug into it and learn what sounds best. It is a neat product.

Thanks! Love the PowerBases.