Chord new product: GroundARRAY - Noise reduction devices

Hello dear Forum fellows,
Chord has just launched a new product aiming noise reduction.
They present it as a new accessory: high-frequency-noise-reduction device that connects to unused sockets on A/V equipment.

Anyone has heard any information, more that the one included in this recent WhatHifi article?
And what do you think about the concept?
It is going much further than the AudioQuest RCA noise stoppers caps….

I’m intrigued.


Yet another tweak to discuss endlessly. I can’t wait.

Bring it!

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Have a hard time grasping how this aluminium tube filled with sand of some fancy kind (cost is $750, per tube I presume) actually works. Did not see an explanation. Looking forward to hearing from first users.

I had a similar first thought/reaction.

It will be interesting to learn more.

Actually, I guess it is sold in a box of 5 units for $750… even, for 5, an enigmatic pricing….

Let’s see. A top end AVR might have at least 20-30 unused inputs. 20*$750 =$15,000. OMG!!!

But “Each GroundARAY cylinder is filled with a carefully chosen material!”

My bet is it is hamster bedding.

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The efficacy and value proposition of this product aside, I have to believe the problem the device is supposed to mitigate is better addressed (technically and cost-effectively) “upstream” of unused inputs/outputs on a piece of kit.

But maybe I don’t adequately under stand the grounding problem the GroundARRAY is trying to address.

I am curious what others think about this generally and in the context of this new product.


What makes them better than these, at a much higher price???

Audioquest RCA Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 10) (

Or these more expensive ones:

I do have to admit I have some of the XLR caps in my system. . . and they work. They lowered the noise floor on my phono preamp noticeably and very satisfyingly.

That is still only $41.31 each, as compared to, iirc, $150 each.