Christmas gifts

My family knows how to tickle my senses. What a beautiful book.

Meanwhile in the only house on the block to still get CDs for Christmas, they fire up the Sprout to enjoy the bounty.


Gift from my son


Gift from above, this morning


@umiami91 It truly warms my heart to see a young person handling a CD with interest. Made my day!

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Was on my list to Santa, and he delivered!


New house shoes and silk long-underwear for me!

A t-shirt that says: “The Angels Have the Phone Box.”

Well, thanks to my wife I got seven, count ‘em, seven brand spankin’ new L.P.s! I’m planning on having a great time running them through the Spin Clean record cleaner, then playing them through my Stellar phono pre. That should keep me out of trouble for a while :grin:.


Speaking of books, our daughter got me this for Christmas! She knows me all too well. :smiley:

Phil Collins not included, unfortunately.


Phil is the best. That is one I actually got on Audible too just so I could have him read it to me.

I’m not one for celebrity autobiographies, but the ones I do get make great audiobooks. I thoroughly enjoyed Bryan Cranston’s autobiography as well. Not as much as Phil’s, mind you, but I don’t really enjoy any people quite as much as I do Phil.

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No edibles? Lol

No, I’m the edible chef in the family :wink: A good friend and neighbor did give me some flower his Dad grew, good natural sunshine stuff.

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I’m right there with you. I love Phil Collins. I’m going to start reading his book this weekend. I haven’t sat down and read a book since high school! Is that sad or what?!

I might look into that Audible as well. Sounds like it would be interesting.

For many reasons not discussed except for mom’s dementia (she doesn’t know me anymore) this has been a brutal Christmas.
Thanks everyone here for what you think and write about our hobby and about life, good or not good.
Happy Merry.


I’m so sorry for your struggles, @RonP. This season can be so hard for so many. I will pray for you at the least. If there is anything more I can offer, please just ask. PMs are always okay.

Mike D

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Maybe someday. Enjoy your bounty.

I THINK I can gift it to you since I own it if I remember Audible’s policies. Let me check.

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A friend of mine survived Graham Norton’s red chair by telling a story about when as a kid he lived in Wembley and in 1977 his mum was organising the street party for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Phil Collins knocks on their front door offering to get his band to play at the party, to which she replies “thanks very much, but I’ve already booked a disco”.


That would be extremely cool. Thanks for looking into it, Mike!

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So sorry Ron. Dementia is a bitc*). Sorry to hear about the troubles in general! Hope next year is better.

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