POLL: All I Want for Christmas Is:

POLL: All I Want for Christmas is . . .

  • Peace on Earth
  • Snow on Christmas Morning
  • Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
  • A Turkey and Some Mistletoe
  • The TSS DAC, an Octave Server, and AN-1 Speakers

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Right now, of that list, I’d like Peace on Earth. Big picture solution rather than the currently most popular choice. (I would love a TSS DAC, but don’t need the other two items).

I actually got so far what I want for Xmas: a resolution of the recurring problem that I have with my wife and my stereo system. She enjoys the sound (though I don’t think she really cares that much) . . . but she hates looking at my components. I have two Mapleshade racks, they are perfect for my system and I think they look great and I love the way the components look on them, but though she “lets me have the system as it is” whenever she gets frustrated or stressed it keeps coming out how much she hates looking at my “science experiment.”

So I volunteered to buy a proper cabinet from Salamander, expensive but designed well, but she hates the looks of that! When she showed me what she wants, a rustic looking shabby chic thing from etsy. . . well I knew I couldn’t use that for my system. So I lobbied for and was granted permission to move my Samson racks and my system upstairs, and install a second system (believe me, I have first rate components to put in it on hand!) in the living room in the cabinet she wants.

I think it will be win-win. Upstairs is a big loft-like addition to the former cabin we live in and what I’ve put up there has sounded pretty good in that large area, so I think I can put my system up there out of sight and enjoy it. At least I won’t be forced into near-field listening in a small room as I suffered through for many years living in my former home in Austin. And I love having more than one system to play with. I even have a second pair of the speakers I adore in storage. So. . . wish me luck. That cabinet arrives in 6 to 8 weeks and I have a lot of heavy lifting to do (heavy slabs of maple to lug upstairs) when it does.

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you all get what you want this season.


Hi Ionson
You have just contributed to Peace on Earth :smile:
Keep the spin reports coming in the New Year as they are putting Peace in my listening area.
Merry Christmas and remember flowers for your wife,

Thanks for the reminder Chas. I’ll keep reporting the spins. Enjoy yourself!

There is a missing option:

All I want for Christmas is:

 No More Polls

I think the polls are fun :slightly_frowning_face:


Me too! Keep ‘em coming.


For me there are too reminiscent of elementary age chat rooms.

 How old are you?

 What is your favorite color?

 Do you have a dog?

Unfortunately, I am sensing another poll coming on:

 Should bootzilla keep posting polls?

Now that’s funny.

Best holiday wishes to all and to Lonson good luck with all the changes. I’m fortunate to have a wife who largely lets me do what I want equipment-wise in the one (small) room that is really mine.

Wow, @Elk, bad day on the stock market?

POLL: When I hear “ELK,” I think of:

  • This image
  • Thisimage

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No, I have long had this reaction to such polls. As I mentioned, elementary age chat rooms.

I will not elaborate for fear of upsetting our more sensitive members further. It would be sad to melt any more snowflakes.

(While I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars like many others, it is all paper loss - actually electronic - so nothing has truly been lost. If one cannot handle a bit of volatility you should not be in the market.)

By the way, the original Grinch is vastly superior than the pale- imitation, whiny Jim Carrey imitation.


I’m glad I’m old enough to have no experience with “elementary age chat rooms”. So, what?: One gathers kids in a room for a chat? Will somebody please answer that phone??!!

There is no such thing as being too old to know what an elementary chat room is like, or remember communication before mobile phones and the Internet, automobiles before ABS, etc. One can only be too young.

Unless one died long before such things came into existence . . .

I still hear that phone ringing

That is tinnitus.

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I vote we give Mr. Elk a break. His opinion, preferences and humor in this context, couldn’t possibly hurt anyone in our sophisticated family.
By the way, my favorite color is blue, 3 dogs in our family and I am 74 :):relaxed:

I agree as long as he doesn’t take away our ability to vote (there is enough voter suppression in this country already).


Actually, he doesn’t have to monitor our polls. I think he is just venting some levity. He does do a great job every where else in the forum and I am thankful for his work.


It would nice if the markets would stop their collapse – all my near term new equipment funds are now gone…

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I’d settle for someone donating an old PS Audio Power Plant hehe

Merry Christmas everyone!

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