Pure joy personified

When you give your daughter her favorite CD and show her how to use the Sprout and CD player. Last night:


She came out to tell me this afternoon while I was working in the yard that she did it all by herself. Thanks to all at PS Audio for that moment.

(It’s “The Greatest Showman” if anyone was wondering)


What really matters!

Next the turntable.

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I showed my 14 yr old son a laserdisc (yes I have them and a working player
as well). He said that’s the biggest CD he has ever seen.

I was going to put my minidisc deck on eBay and my 22 year old son is all: “NO, NO, dad! I WANT that!!!” So I have a minidisc deck and a boatload of minidiscs for when he gets his own place.

What’s really cool? Apparently minidisc has its own emoji!!


Wow I didn’t know that. I have a Denon MD portable unit.
It was really cool. Between you and I, we can start a museum.

I think I still have my portable. But the remote broke.

I was all-in on minidisc. Being able to have track names, relatively bump free listening as far as skipping…it wasn’t an ideal format but I loved it. Still do.

Cool. She did it all by herself. Sounds like she’s ready for the IKEA flat pack assembly challenge, but without the instructions!

It’s not that doing it is that hard, but getting handed the keys to the kingdom? That’s the big deal. “Daddy lets me use his hi-fi”

I asked my kids today - whilst looking over a dying patient laid out in the sun at the hospice - who wanted my stereo system when it’s my turn to go. They replied, “we’re going to bury it with you”.

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With your Magicos, you’ve just opened yourself up to a bunch of grave-robbers here on the board, you know that? Not me, mind you, I’m still happy as a clam with my KEFs.