Citadels of bending light

It’s come clear to me that the whole of any audio setup is an intricate geometrical construct to bend the electromagnetic field, which I’d like to call light for the fun of it. That we are essentially manipulating light all the way, kind of. Idealistically the materials that we use for this are a necessary evil - it’s a fun thought experiment to think of an amplifier and remove the concept of its material form and imagine the field alone. A complex twirling citadel of electromagnetic field. Beautiful.
And that the distinction between a conductor in its basic form and any passive component becomes hazy as it’s all conductor and dielectric in various shapes, emphasis on shapes. A conductor can be made to be a capacitor and a capacitor is flat conductor in a tight bunch, a coil is a coil of conductor, so on… I can’t say it’s all the same, but in a way it really is. A pathway whose shape along the road varies suitably to bend and contain an EM wave for the wanted end result. Pathways for light!
This surely sounds lame at this time of night, just wanted to purge how nice of a thought it is that the beauty we experience emerges from manipulation of what’s “essentially” light, leading to moving air. Leading to experiencing past moments in time. Truly illuminating!

(Not forgetting the dear electrons here, there’s no light without a spark)

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I read the book when I was in high school. Written by A. J. Cronin. As hard as I try I cannot remember this chapter in the book, but then again it was a long time ago…!


Interesting thought experiment though I’ll need to let it rest while the caffeine purges the fog that’s enveloped my brain over night.

until minnesota passes legalization, i have to drive across two states to find a dispensary

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I wonder if Maxwell had the habit.