Clean Wave

I’m hoping to hear from regenerator users on how employing the clean wave function affected their systems

Thank you for sharing.


It can’t be that no one here has not tried the clean wave feature…or perhaps :

    Have found no differences in sound quality 

    Not sure if they could tell the differences

     Or indeed heard a difference

Please post your experiences.

It would be interesting to hear.

I ran the clean wave…but really would like to hear your feedback.



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I’ve used Clean Wave now and then. I am not sure I hear a difference. . . overall I think I do but I’m not sure that I really do.

I remember Paul saying he uses it often, though not in between every song as he had in the past! I use it once a week or so. . . or when I introduce something new into the system.

Same here. Rarely think about but will occasionally use it. Can’t swear I hear a difference but it doesn’t hurt.

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I used to use it before each listening session and sometimes between albums. I was pretty sure I could hear an improvement, especially if I forgot to do it for a few weeks. On the other hand, it was not unusual for the clean function to reset either plugged in equipment or even the Power Plant itself. On one occasion, it blew an internal fuse on a piece of equipment that has over 30 tight-as-hell Torx 8 screws holding the case very surely shut. That was the last time I used the clean function.

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Thank you everyone for posting your experiences. I really appreciate your doing so.

As for me I did da big a da boo boo…after about the first week with my new P5…where I should have waited for my system to settle in to good clean power and thereby get a feel of how much improvement overall my P5 was providing my system…

Newbie P5 smarty pants here …decides he’s going to run clean wave. So I did with the entire system on just no music.

So where I could have had a benchmark for me to gauge by…after getting a feel of things prior to clean wave…well now I don’t.

Lonson, thank you so kindly for your reply…I think my next course of action is just kick back and enjoy all the goodness my system now has. Then maybe about 6 months from now run clean wave again to see if I can hear a difference or not.

Please guys post your .02 it will be appreciated.

Thanks again everyone!!!

Cleanwave got rid of a faint buzz in the power transformer of my power amp, so I am a fan. It has to be beneficial for the equipment whether or not there is a perceived sonic improvement in the music as far as I’m concerned.

By degaussing the transformer it helps not only the sound but, as you have seen, it can demagnetize the lams so they don’t buzz from DC.

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My update on the effects of clean wave…

As I originally stated I did a big a da boo boo by running clean wave shortly after acquiring my new P5.

So Paul and company of friends here is what has transpired…noticing that my system was sounding too liquidy
some diminished depth of image…I thought ok now I have an idea for how the system was after initial use of my P5. Let me give clean wave a go…gave clean wave a 60 second run …

The difference is the regaining of immediacy, speed, liveliness, depth of image. My favorite go to piece here is :
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons…Neville Marriner directing the Academy of St Martins in the Fields recording on Argo label.
The quickness of the violinist bowing, the rich interplay of strings, the building of the interplay of the musicians instruments, the ebb and flow of subtle nuances, the delicate harpsichord
the overall presentation of soundstage are all markedly improved. To my ears my perception

So in my brief time with my P5 I find clean wave does restore (at least for me) pristineness
alacrity and the beauty of my system’s ability to render music. Naturally speaking each one’s
individual system may reflect more or less the same, ymmv.

I can only imagine what it might be like if I had significantly upgraded speakers. Mine were
designed and built with a restricted budget to a mass market by Harman.

Greetings to all,

Power: PSA P5, Front ends: Oppo 105, Wyred4Sound STP SE Stage2, Emotiva XSP 1 Gen 2 (for bass and treble control) Power amp: Parasound Halo A 21. Interconnects balanced Bluejeans, Speaker wires Bluejeans Belden 10 ga biwired. Power Cables: 2 Pangea AC 9 SE MKII for amp to P5 and the other for P5 to wall, Pangea AC 14SE MKII for OPPO 105, Wyred4Sound STP SE Stage 2, Emotiva XSP 1 Gen 2, Speakers: Infinity Beta 50 (Harman, Floyd Toole CMMD design)

I’ve tried cleanwave twice, and wouldn’t swear I heard any difference.

Hi Woodberger

My experience with clean wave in my system is I perceive further clarity in the small nuances
in the music. Before I apply clean wave the music may seem as good as usual except that
certain small details may sound like a one note, but after clean wave now instead of the one
note sound I find some very delicate quick strikes, plucks or what have you. Not just this alone, but clean wave also seems to clarify spatial separation in the 3d soundstage.
Again this is my own .02 cents worth with what I have encountered using clean wave.

So now a days I run cleanwave before settling in to listen to my music…
A person could say maybe I am hearing things…but I sure enjoy the effects of clean wave.

There are times that clean wave may not be as noticeable as at other times
It’s the old your mileage may vary routine.

Thanks DavidA

I use it occasionally. My response is the same every time: I wonder if it actually does anything…

I run it all the time, just because…never hear any difference.

It does. It’s easy to see on a scope. But it won’t make everything connected sound better because of the nature of what it’s doing. Remember, it’s there to degauss transformers and there’s a couple of things to note. Not all transformers need or benefit from this and thus the impacts vary from system to system. Good news. If it doesn’t do much don’t bother.