Cleanwave Function on Power Plant

I recently got my first Power Plant and was curious to read folks experiences with it. Especially:

  1. How often do you run the cleanwave function?

  2. When you run it, what changes do you hear?



  1. Before every listening session while the system is warming up.
  2. Not aware of any changes due to the protocol described in the first answer.
  1. Rarely
  2. None, which explains number 1.
    But others have raved about it, so give it a try.

Same response as Ron’s

I just keep the remote in my hand and my thumb mashed down on the Clean button the whole time I’m listening. Go through a lot of batteries. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@George_P: ^Ditto.


Basically the same as others have mentioned…before I sit down to listen, but rarely during a listening session.

I remember when it first came out, Paul was suggesting running the 5 second cycle between tracks as the optimal way to use it.

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I wonder if it is needed more during burn in. I notice if I push it every hour or so it cleans the sound up a bit. My P3 has 12 days of continuous use on it.

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  1. If I am going to listen for a while
  2. I like to think so but can’t really do a quick A/B so no way to tell. The system sounds great either way.

Now if I forget to turn the subs on then that’s a different story.

Once a day for 60 seconds if it needs it or not.


I run clean wave before listening session, sometimes in between albums.
My .02 experience is that running clean wave freshens up attacks, fade
aways upper mid and high frequencies detail improvements.

Clean wave does make an improvement with my system.
However results will vary. Your own experience will be

Hope this helps


Thanks @davida. Any adverse effects from running cleanwave more often?

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Been there, done that…SMH.


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George…there have been no adverse effects from using clean wave.

PS Audio team including Paul would not have included a feature
like clean wave if there could be adverse effects. The one thing
is that if you are running clean wave and play music at the same
time, I recall Paul saying that the music may sound odd while the
clean wave cycle is taking place.

The best thing is give it a go…

Hope this helps

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I use it. I almost always run it for a minute when I sit down to listen and I think it adds an “ease” to the sound. Lately I have been doing it with the MultiWave set to 6 which has been recommended of late on this forum. Seems that may be just a bit more effective. Only one has to remember that MultiWave is at 6 when completed!


Thanks, lonson. Can I ask how you run it for a minute? When I push the button on mine, it only runs for about 5 seconds.

push the button twice

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Thanks Lonson. I never tried it like that. Will give it a try.

@Paul - Can you please share your current recommendations regarding the cleanwave function? For example, do you run it for longer than 5 seconds, about how often do you run it, etc?

Thanks in advance!

Well said, Lonson. I agree that it add and “ease” to the sound. When I use it, it smoothes out the mids and highs, but also improves the clarity and focus of the overall sound. It also seems to tighten up the bass, and as others have said, freshens up attacks.

I use it in moderation, though, for if I use it too much, I can get an overly forward treble and or midrange on my stereo. I have found similar results using degaussing CDs too often, even before getting my Stellar PP. This makes sense, as the Cleanwave is a degaussing function. It seems to have a somewhat more subtle and different effect than other degaussing methods I have used, CDs/tracks by XLO and Ayre.

I find degaussing can be like salt and pepper. Without it, things can be dull, but too much spoils things too.