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For a new setup (in our living room) that requires some sort of column speaker/super slender floorstander, I’m looking for an alternative to the B&O BeoLab’s. Why an alternative? I like to use separates and the B&O’s are active speakers. They need to have a high WAF and go down to (at least) 60Hz.

On my list are currently:

  • Canton CD 290.3
  • Monitor Audio Radius 270
  • Mission LX-4 MKII (although they are a bit too deep)
  • Mordaunt-Short Alumni 8 Tower
  • Dymension DM40 (although again a bit too deep)

Look and dimension wise, the B&O’s are ideal, but I’m using a fairly complicated setup with a lot of separates and the B&O’s are locked in using PowerLink as input. Are there other alternatives to the B&O’s that you may know of?

Thanks in advance!

You did not mention budget. But these are supposed to be pretty good.


I must say that budget is my “secondary worry” :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I’m first and foremost trying to find speakers that both my wife (who likes them to be as invisible and beautifully finished as possible) and I (who likes a softer sounding speaker with a wide soundstage, not boomy) and I like. After that we can consider if a certain model is worth the heftier price over another model. That said, however, chances are small we’ll be able to afford a pair that’s over $5.000.

Thank you for the tip @brian.fitterman! :smiley:

Walsh Ohms might fit the bill for you.

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Thanks @Baldy!

I haven’t heard them but they are highly regarded and reasonably priced.

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I really liked my Ohms when I had them. I went the other way though to actives, Dutch & Dutch 8cs.

edit: Have you looked at KEF? They have some good looking towers.

Here are my Ohms in my room at that time. I have moved since then.


Another one that I have never heard of but looks very interesting.

I had Totem Model One Signature stand mount speakers many years ago and loved them. Replaced with Genesis V’s which are still in place. I’d consider adding the Totem Forest Signature to your audition list.

Totem Forest

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I second the suggestion to look at KEFs. They have a nice looking slim tower that fits your budget. John Darko had a bit on them a few months ago.

Thanks for all the tips guys! :smiley:

I’ve gone through KEF’s catalogue, but I’m afraid they don’t have a speaker that is slender enough to reach a compromise with my wife regarding the living room setup. The main problem with the KEF’s as well as with the Totem’s is their dept, and that’s also why those BeoLab’s have the right dimensions. The more it’s a column speaker instead of a tower, the better in fact.

The Walsh Ohms are certainly an interesting option to look at!

Wives usually like them:


Gorgeous high end furniture that also plays music!

The Maxima Amator is a consideration