Recommendations forspeakers to go with the full stellar stack. (Gain cell and mono blocks)

I have the Gain cell pre-amp and the stellar mono-block amps. Looking for recommendations for a speaker to match those components for a small room. 14.5 by 11.5 by 8. I have modestly treated the room with bass traps in the front corners a combination bass trap diffuser on the rear wall and diffuser absorber combos along the front wall.
The speaker are placed along a short wall which is unfortunately all glass doors typical of Florida homes.
My current speakers are wharfedale Jade 5s. The sound is ok but I think it could be better with the correct speaker for the room.
The system serves as a combination monitors for my House music shows that I broadcast as well as for seriously listening to classical and jazz. …Yes I have varied tastes.
I have tried to include all the variables. As to budget, something appropriate to my stellar components would be where I am. All serious listening is dine with Qobuz.

Any advice?

What is your price range?

And where in Florida do you live?

2500 t0 3000. I live in miami

If I were starting out fresh, I’d probably go with the Dynaudio Evoke 10s and a Goldenear SuperSub X. I really enjoy my floorstanders, but I’m in a pretty decent sized space. I’ve been listening to more bookshelf setups lately, and I really like them. @Schroedster has a great bookshelf setup with some Dyns and they image better than my B&Ws. Also, the Sub X from Sandy Gross is awesome! It might not be the most musical sub but I think it would integrate into the system well. Might take a bit of time dialing it perfectly, but once you do, you’ll love it. You’ll get a very full and rich sound with this setup.

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The are a fair number of dealers available to you between Miami and WPB and you really should take the time to get out and listen. In a room that size the best bet is probably going to involve bookshelf speakers and a pair of small subs. Something you might want to look at it the Buchardt S-400. It has gotten great user reviews so far and they allow a free 30 day trial with free shipping both ways. I’ve got a pair coming in June for a test drive. There are several other Internet Direct companies that offer similar trials and save you money buy cutting out the dealers. Other than that what I like may not fit what you like nor will any of the other recommendations you get hear which will surely include the KEF LS-50 which only lasted around my house for a couple of days.

Yes standmount makes sense with subs. My concern is that i had sub once that i could never get integrated. Oh course that was a loooong time ago. Spica tc50 and sub. Lil

Attempting to integrate subs with “limited” frequency small bookshelf speakers like the Spica or most of the BBC style monitors is more difficult as their low frequency cutoff is high enough that it makes it easier to locate the subs and the crossover point. It is a lot easier if the bookshelf speaker has usable response to down in the 40’s. Also sealed subs are critical and better two small than one larger one as you don’t need response to the low 20’s like with some soundtracks.

I run SVS Ultra Towers for near full range sound. Missing nothing. When in different moods, I switch to KEF R300s or Dynaudio X18 standmounts. Never feel the need for a sub to overbloat the room. Just my humble opinion.

Will they work in a small room 11x15?

Yes, yes and yes. At low effortless volume levels, all details come through. It’s an experience.

I run my GCD with an S300 with my Monitor Audio Silver 300’s and they absolutely sing together. Plus the speakers are “only” $2,000 but can be found for less. Give them a listen!

Read Floyd Toole’s “Sound Reproduction” 3rd edition to learn how sound behaves in-room. You’ll be convinced of using carefully distributed multiple subs with a pair of monitors to tame the inevitably 20 dB in-room bass peaks/dips.

Yes get out there to audition! Use recordings you’re familiar with that covers the range of what you listen to (including a couple poorer recordings) and take notes (forces you to really listen and helps with fleeting aural memory). Limit yourself to 3 or 4 auditions per day to avoid listener fatigue and take your time.

Recently heard Dynaudio Excite X18 ($1500/pair 2-way monitors) that sounded very nice. Add 3 SVS SB-1000 or Rythmik L12 sealed subs for deep/musical bass. If you’re running all computer sources add REW (Room Eq Wizard, freeware, powerful DSP) with recommended calibrated mike.

If you can demo the Magnepan 1.7i , you might enjoy the expanded soundscape they are capable of, good review above. I have the 10.1s, very enjoyable. cheers

Issue for me is that I would only be able to run these at around 18 inches for the rear wall. And my set-up requires me to listen in a near or midfield position.

Streaming Qobuz direct from phone to a pair of Dynaudio Xeo 20s would be pretty great too… my wife does that and we end up listening to the actives more than our main system…

S 400 I use them in the cottage

I’m (seriously) contemplating popping for a Stellar monoblock system too. I am kinda torn between Maggie 1.7’s, and Goldenear Triton 2+.

Excellent amps. Very smooth yet revealing at the same time IMHO. speakers are another matter. I am so limited by my room. I need to hear the Triton 2 +.

You would be better with the 5’s or 7’s and separate subs. It will give you better control of the bass response.