Come and get it...First used FR 30 up for bid!

Sorry for any confusion…the Anti-Cables are what the Shadow Ribbon cables are vying to replace.

So far, I like 'em just fine but I need more time with them. I am still trying to understand what they bring to the system vs. the Anti-Cables.

If you are so inclined, I posted a few initial impressions in a couple of responses over on the “Your Next Upgrade?” thread.


At $22K, I am surprised that they haven’t sold. With no reserve how happy would you be if you were the $11K bidder?


This is very tempting, hard to say if there will be a lot of interest, no bids yet. Could certainly end up being cheaper than new FR20. Only a 10-1/2 hour drive. And they’re black. Hmmm?

By the way, Seth is a good friend of Paul’s, you figure out if he is going to lose money …


He’s a well known author.


Way to early, the serious buyers will wait until the last day. Early on will be bargain shoppers hoping it goes un-noticed. Should be plenty of people in the greater NYC area who might give them a try at even the $22k price and pick them up to save the shipping.

Oh man… Just spent a ton on A5 and need to sell my Cube Nenuphar first…but never a better time to pull a credit line! lol

I would use for the transaction. Used them before and although the transaction fail through, they were very good and following up and refund my money. Would not do direct bank transfer for that amount, the escrow fee is worth it for the peace of mind.

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Oh boy only 2 hours from where I live. cash in hand and pick up in person. Too bad I am not looking nor do I have the cash.


Just go to a nearby casino, with $100 seed and 7-8 doubling you’ll be right there :smiley:

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I have 3 within an hour of where I live. They are only good for Food and free concerts.

Helps if you know how to count cards.

There’s a reason they call it gambling and not winning. :thinking:


when they first opened years ago, people used to get so excited to go. I do not get it. As you said they are there because they collect money.

The only card game where you can gain an advantage if you know how to count cards is blackjack.

I am pretty sure I remember a recent article he wrote and you could see Magico A5s in one of them.

Specs from Magico’s website: Frequency Response: 24 Hz – 50 kHz

How did the bass response from these not disturb the neighbors?

Yeah, I know. Maybe they were better at being coupled/uncoupled from the floor. Just a guess.

Would be interesting to see what his next speaker replacement will be…

My good friend calls it recycling Social Security money.

Maybe a good set of headphones?