Come and get it...First used FR 30 up for bid!

Oh there is plenty of that, but you would be surprised how many younger people are there as well. Pre covid they paid a ton of taxes… state missed that for a bit.

Can actually use paypal - limit is either 30 or 60k.

Nice socks.

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A bit strange, it seems from the review he prefers FR30 to the A5, but here we are… Curious to learn more than the reason given in the ad.

We’ve probably all listed things for sale, and thrown in our so called reason for selling, just because. The truth be told, it’s usually because we moved on to something better.

I asked Seth to send me a picture of the speakers in his room for perspective.

They seem like a tight fit.


Little bit congested also.

If that’s their interpretation of an install, I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to be interested in any reviews from them.

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And those shoes!

I’m not surprised he wants to part with their sound based on where they are.

Even if one opts for standmounts, this space needs a visit by a space management expert as well as room acoustics expert, so that they can advise on the best use of it.

Do the FR30s give some bass control? I ask because I have read that the mid frequencies are a highlight of these speakers. If you like that and can dial back the bass, then they are keepers.

Now at $11,928.00


Well, there’s a bass control of sorts. The rear panel switch raises the levels of the midrange and treble by 2 db, which is effectively a bass cut type shelving control.

There are also a number of ways to equalize speakers and tailor their in-room response in front end gear or playback things with DSP EQ functionality like Roon.

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Roon is for streaming only. To make that kind of room correction possible for all sources, all inputs including analog need to be funneled through a DSP. This means for all digital sources: conversion of DSD to PCM or reclocking, and for analog sources: AD and DA conversion.
I have no issues with that whatsoever as both of my NAD devices do that. They are applying DIRAC room correction and I quite like the sound. But I guess purists will even have an issue touching the hardware filter settings on the back of the speakers, while I consider that perfectly fine.

However none of this will lead to satisfying results, to stop neighbors complaining.
The budget should have been allocated to relocation rather than the FR30.
Realizing that sometimes Less (smaller speakers) leads to More (happiness). My wife and I chose standmount speakers over large floorstanding speakers in our small living room in an attached house. We love them and the neighbors don’t complain.


Looks like sold for $19.5k, a bit more than what I was willing to pay, congrats to the new owner!


33% off new seems about right for a newly released speaker system.In a years time… it will probably be around 50%!

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Someone got a good buy. I sure was tempted, but my frugal side just wouldn’t budge … :frowning:

The other thing is, there’s no trial period when you buy used, so definitely a little more apprehension there.

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Actually not that bad a return and also a fairly quick sale.
Anything we buy new is going to take a hit as soon as we pay the price.

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In Europe the FR 30 is 42k €. So it competes with speakers like this one of Gryphon, which is smaller but with AMT tweeter and weighting 122 kg each (not to speak of speakers of manufacturers in one‘s own country). The FR30 still competitive I think, but not an absolutely easy game.