Community Forum Access issue - "web re-direct"


Today I started experiencing forum access issues. I can access the forum landing page, however when I go to read any of the posts in the various forum topics I am being automatically re-directed to this page:

This is browser independent.

The problem is still evident now, I can not access any of the posts, I always end up landing on this re-direct page.


Not happening for me, fortunately. This happened a while ago on and it turned out to be a hack of the website. Are you accessing the site via a bookmark with a direct web address in it or via another link (like Yahoo or Google)?


Me neither, hopefully we haven’t been hacked. Sigh…


I expect this to be on the user end rather than the forum; provides free url redirection service and previously provided email redirection.

Unless someone else experiences it here as well.


In the diyaudio case it was from Yahoo. Someone hacked Yahoo so that if anyone hit the link from there to diyaudio it would redirect to another site.


This is still an issue for me, although I have figured out a work-around.

In the browser control if I hit the stop button the instant the page loads then I don’t get shanghaied to the redirect page. If I wait a second longer I do. Only the PS Audio website is affected, and only when I go to read posts in a topic. The list of topics pages are unaffected.

I am in mainland China. The problem is evident wherever I access the internet from here. Obviously the issue is at my end as nobody else seems to be affected.