Forum problem - bad link in header

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I didn’t see anything better. @Elk feel free to move it if needed.

Over the last day or so there seems to be a problem on the forum header. I used to be able to click on the blue PS logo button and it would take me to the forum home page, which tends to show more new posts than the short list we get at the bottom of every thread. But now, on a variety of platforms, and with a variety of browsers, I just get a blank page that says “Unable to connect. Firefox [or other browser] can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:4200.”

I thought I ought to let someone know.

Same problem using Microsoft Edge. Have to revert to using the three horizontal bars in the right-hand corner and then selecting Categories or one of the other choices.


Happy Cake Day!

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Same here. Same thing happened before but it was rectified. Never had a problem before PSA updated the Website.

Run the site in dark mode. Just about every complaint I’ve seen is resolved by running dark mode (it does resolve this problem, I checked). Looks better too IMO.


yep, it’s correct in dark mode! Weird.

If you like to tinker, and you use Chrome, you can fix it yourself (at least on your own browser, while it’s open).

Right-click on the logo, and select “inspect” (if available… if not, then maybe just wait for the fix)

If it’s there, the developer window will open and you should be able to see

<a class="logo-redirect" href="localhost:4200">

Right click on the localhost bit and select “edit attribute”

Then just replace “localhost:4200” with


Close the developer window and you should be good to go.

No warranties, real or implied, ymmv, yada yada


That works with FireFox, too. Great, thanks!

Edit: the fix lasts only as long as you have the forum up. Close it and come back and you need to make the edit again, at least with FireFox.

I find the back button serves as an efficient work around.


Just found the same problem as well. I typically use the three bars top right next to the avatar.

I’m on a Macbook running Safari:

And when I click on “The Hi-Fi Family” after getting the above error, I see the old menu, with “Forum” in the middle.

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Something has changed. I noticed today that selecting Hi-Fi Family the Forums radio button is further down the list. Not really a big deal.

That’s interesting. It’s still at the top of the drop down list when you’re at the company home page, but once you’re on the forum page, it’s down in sixth place.


Yes, your experience is similar to mine. Odd, but there are work arounds. Apparently something has changed.

yep, it’s just for that window/tab/session. Keep it open! :+1:

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Works but is temporary fix for the current session only. Once you logout, clear the browser’s cache, etc. the default code will be restored.

I also noticed that PSA is using what looks like a single sign-on e.g if you logon at the main site, your logon credentials allow you to log into the forum just by clicking on login icon. However, when logging out, you have to logout of the forum AND the main site. Logging out of the forum doesn’t log you out of completely. Not sure if your forum session is maintained if you logout of vs

On my mobile device the header covers up clickable functions on the upper right of the page. It’s weird, because it doesn’t happen consistently. Makes navigating the site very frustrating.

Should all be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.


Maybe it’s the mobile browser I’m using, Opera, but it worked fine before. Have to scroll to the top of a page in order to reveal the clickable functions on the top right of the page.

Fixed for me