New hack of the website???

All of a sudden this afternoon I am encountering webpages on this site when I try to access my private message inbox that contain spurious threats of either of the following: that a Zeus virus has infected my system or that Apple is shutting down my computer. It’s nonsense, of course, but these pages are popping-up in both browsers that I have tried. Their gambit is to try to get people to click on buttons they specify to help you “address” the problem.

(By the way, these pages are only popping-up on the PS Audio website, not any others that I have tried).

Yes, something is up. I am getting similar messages claiming I need to call Microsoft. A known scam, but a bother to have the dialog window take over.

I experienced a similar thing earlier this afternoon, when browsing the forum not reading private messages. When I got to the bottom of a thread and clicked the icon to go back to the top, a new tab opened up in Safari (I’m using an iPad) that said I had been randomly chosen to win some sort of a prize. I just closed that tab and went back to the PSA site. Same thing happened again a minute later.

I tried some other sites on the iPad and didn’t experience this, so it seems to be something on the PSA site.

Yes, I’ve been getting this too. I emailed Paul earlier to alert him.

Add me to the list also,the pop up would not let me dismiss the bogus ads on multiple occasions.

Yup. Dammit. Hacked again. Fortunately our web people fixed it quick. Thank you to everyone watching our backs.

My Bitdefender Total Security picks up immediately with a “get me back to safety message.” I’ll leave a message the next time it happens, if it happens.

Seems as if the hackers are back! I keep getting re-directed to a gaming site when I click on links on the site.

Yeah, my work computer immediately blocked the site when it redirected when clicking on this forum. Gaah.

My Malwarebytes blocked something around 7:30 AM Eastern time. I called PS Audio and advised them.

Thanks guys. I’d get pissed and lash out at the sons of bitches that keep trying this but then that’s stupid on my part. It’s some dumb machine at work. Kevin in engineering’s on it. Thanks for watching our backs.