I2S Streamers - Continued

New to the forum and there have been a few threads on this subject but I was hoping for some newer information.

I have a DS Jr on the way and I’ve been researching I2S streamers to go directly in the to the DS Jr.

The compatible list I have so far is:
Rockna Wavedream
Musica Prestina
Magma Mano ULTRA Music Streamer
Wyred 4 Sound MS
Metronome DSS (not sure if it is compatible)

Did I miss any?

I’m intrigued by the Metronome DSS but I can’t find any reviews. Does any have experience with it?

I don’t believe any of the ones on your list works with I2S directly to the DS Jr or Sr. You will need a Matrix 2 converter from USB to I2S to work. Only PS Audio transports can be connected I2S directly to the DS Jr or Sr.


Any third-party device that follows PS Audio’s HDMI connector-based I2S standard can input I2S to the DirectStream family of DACs.

I did’t know that. Can you name one third party streamer that works plugged directly to the DS with I2S? I am interested in it.

Full disclosure. I generated the list by searching the forum is how I came up with the list above for compatibility. I have not confirmed any of them myself.

Only exception is the Metronome DSS. No idea if it is compatible.

Here’s a list of some compatible devices:
i2s - Google Sheets
Make sure you are on the HDMI I2S page

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I see a large number of streamers on the list. So if I get any one of listed streamers, I can go directly with I2S to the DS with no problem?

I just realized there is a whole thread on this one.
Compatible I2S source devices

So any equipment on the spreadsheet that is labeled “PS Audio Spec” is good to go?

Very probably. I haven’t verified them all, but they’ve been listed there for a while and Jesus keeps the list up to date.


Thanks for sharing Ted. This is good reference as I consider my next step.

You can always run a nice DDC to convert the signal. I use a Denafrips Gaia DDC to convert USB to I2S, and the difference in sound quality is compelling. Frees up your streaming options significantly, and supports PS Audio I2S pinout config.

Denafrips Gaia

My Buddy has a DSj and ordered a Cocktail Audio Streamer, he will be
receiving it on Friday. These are Korea made and has many functions.
The distributor confirmed to him that PS Audio is compatible.

@silo, which one? It seems they make a whole range of products.

Why can’t any of these guys make something that like this that has an Ethernet input? :expressionless:

He ordered the X50D, not the Pro. These do not come with HDD.
So he just bought 2 2TB SSD Samsung drives for it.

Like the Bridge II? Confused. Did you mean Ethernet output?

The point of using I2S throughout is to avoid conversions.

Ethernet into the DCC. I2S out to the DS DAC.

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I believe this is a Raspberry Pi with a I2S HAT in a fancy box.

I saw this a while ago. I2S isn’t over HDMI. it’s also not clear if (even it that part is dealt with) that it will work with the DS. The Mano does work with the DS from what I’m told, but not at DSD128.

All I want is something that will get me from an Ethernet stream into the DS I2S input at DSD128 or (when the DS supports it) better. From one box.