Computer in same room as DAC

I’ve just moved my iMac into the same room as my music system which includes a Directstream Sr. DAC.

All musical components are on a dedicated electrical circuit. The music server and computer controlling Roon is in another room.

The iMac in the music room is not involved in anyway in the music system and is on a separate electrical circuit than the music system. The iMac is 8.5 feet away from my DAC.

Is there a downside to having the iMac turned on when I’m playing music? Is there a possibility of some kind of interference between the iMac and DAC? If so, what can I do about it.

Multiple people could hear the difference when I turned the WiFi on and off on my laptop. To me it was very subtle. On the other hand, I want to relax and be comfortable when I’m listening so I just don’t worry about it


Sounds like good advice. Thanks Ted. FYI, I’m looking forward to trying out Sunlight when my SD card arrives. Is it obvious how to insert the card into the DAC?

No :slight_smile: You insert it upside down (golden pins up) in the appropriately sized slot under the middle of the Bridge (or Bridge slot of you don’t have a Bridge.

I would still have your music server and computer controlling Roon be powered by a PS Audio power regenerator or an Audioquest 1200 though…

Can you explain why? What makes/models would you recommend?

While everything has the potential to interfere with your music system, this is not likely to cause an issue. I turn wifi off on all computers that have a wired connection, and I prefer wired connections. But your house is likely already bathed in wifi signals. The transmitter on your Mac could be a strong signal, though, due to its proximity.

It sounds like this Mac is not part of the signal chain for your music. Is that true? I have an iMac in my living room that we use to look things up but doesn’t participate in my music signal chain. I also use a wired connection for that one.

I use a Mac Mini as my Roon Server. I have that in a different room from my main music system, but it is also the endpoint for my secondary stereo, in my computer/media room. I connect that computer via USB to my Ayre Dac. Again, no WIFI since it has a wired connection. But it does have Bluetooth for the keyboard/mouse.

I can’t say that I’ve heard any difference between WIFI on or off. And I’ve never tried with Bluetooth off. But I’m skeptical about interactions from that. Always best to try it and see. If you can’t hear the difference, then don’t pay the difference.

The iMac in the music room doesn’t participate in the signal chain. In terms of WiFi I’ve always used an iPad in the room for utilizing Roon. So I guess I shouldn’t worry about it.