Roon on a Mac, & Directstream question

I have a DS (Yale), and a Mac (el Capitan), running Roon. I cannot get the Roon to output to my DS over USB. The Roon will output through the Mac’s internal speaker. The PSAudio USB does show up under a list of devices in System/Sound. Any suggestions?

i believe other people have gotten this working without any drama, I’m either missing something obvious, or not.

Also, what is the easiest way to check if my Mac will send any audio to the DAC

If you go to Roon’s Settings/Audio under Connected, do you see PS Audio USB driver listed ? I’m using a Windows PC but assume a Mac would be the same.

Macs don’t typically need manufacturer-specific USB drivers, do they?

Don’t believe they do, but would expect Settings to show a connection. Roon support is very good btw.

Update, & a bit of weirdness.

A MacMini running Roon connected via a long Nordost Blue Heaven USB cable won’t output to my DS.

I connected the MacMini running Roon with a shorter cable to a Benchmark DAC & it all worked fine.

Then I connected a MacBook playing an internet radio stream via the Blue Heaven to the DS, and that worked fine.

What would anyone suggest?

The DS shows up in System Preferences/Sound (as did the Benchmark).

Good place to ask this question. I’ve been trying to help over at the Roon forum, but I’m afraid I’ve not been much help.

Now that we’re down to the “silly” options,

  1. Are you sure that in Roon your output volume is set to 100% when playing through the DS? Check the speaker icon in the lower right of the window.

  2. The Blue Heaven cable doesn’t cut the power on the USB line, does it?

Ah Rob, I still love Roon. I’ve been updating the post over there.

I’ve tried lots of combinations and the only thing I can see being different between the MacMini and the MacBook (when they are connected via the same Blue Heaven to the DS) is that the Audio Midi Setup is different (sample rate and bit depth are different). Any attempt to make changes on the MacMini triggers pauses and hangs, the “rainbow roundel”, and “not responding” whereas on the MacBook I can fiddle to my hearts content.

As to the questions, 1) volume seems to be at 73, 2) I don’t know.

Everything is working. I changed three things: shorter USB cable (1M in place of a 5M), reset MIDI back to default (by deleting the settings file in Library/preferences), & re-arranging my listening room (time, perspiration & frustration & some inconvenient layout choices).

All works on my end. Just need to make sure the DS is selected in Roon.

Hi Guys,

I also tried to use Roon service instead of JRiver after updating Huron on Direct Steam.

May be I am a new comer of Roon service, so still don’t know how to make a good setting on Roon. so does anyone of you can help this stupid?

my setting :

installed Roon in my MacMini, MacMini connect to DS via intona by using a USB cable

Roon: version 1.3

MacMini: MacOS Sierra 10.12.5

intona USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Isolator

USB cable : 1m Nordost heimdall 2 USB cable x 2

Ellen you don’t say what the problem is other than “don’t know how to make a good setting on Roon”. So difficult to answer the question, but I do have a possible area of help for you. See the Roon Forums for PS Audio. In particular see this thread which talks about Roon seeing the PSA DS and settings. This might be of help.

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I"m experiencing problems at times when switching between Roon, JRiver, and Audirvana. The latter gives me fewer problems. However, often between Roon and Jriver, I need to go to settings or midi setup on my mini to change settings. This did not happen in Torreys and is frustrating. A reboot of my mini and Huron solves the problem. I’m using USB. Any suggestions?

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