Conclude on the capacity of Huron

If you really want to know what DS Huron can do, do yourself a favor and check out ‘The Void’ flac from the album ‘The Maze’.

These Norwegian jazz artists are connected with ECM with the famous Jan Erik Kongshaug (Rainbow Studio) as the recording engineer.

The SQ is simply stunning and wipes my other library tracks off the floor regardless of resolution.

Payment via PayPal.

Also available on vinyl w/CD:

Thanks Frode!

I’ve been playing in DSD for friends to show off my “new” dac. Jaw dropping.


Reminds me of the music style on the PS ONE album 103_gif

Frode, I have been listening to “Himmelskip” by Knut Reiersrud. He has quite a few more of his albums on Tidal that I will eventually some them check out.

Any recommendations?

Nothing specifically, but the ones with organist Iver Kleive is maybe worth checking out. I am more of a jazz guy (trio jazz/jazzrock/elektrojazz).

@jeffstarr : try ‘Fjording’ and ‘Lamin’ , both on the album ‘Tramp’ happy-048_gif

The Maze now also on Tidal streaming platform in pretty darn good quality, actually:

Thanks for the recommendation @schuerholzklump238. Love the album

Maze and the Blue Coast are good music and good sounding recordings. Not sure what it has to do with Huron, exactly - good recordings sound good! : )

If you want something more visceral, try Cannonball Adderly, “Somethin’ Else”. Recorded in 1958 by Rudy Van Gelder at his studio in Hackensack and remastered by him in 1998. It’s on Tidal, but it just sorta lays there compared to the CD, OMS. (On Tidal, search for “Somethin’ Else (Rudy Van Gelder Edition)”.

tkiat said

Thanks for the recommendation @schuerholzklump238. Love the album


Listening to it now on my desktop system via Roon/Tidal…lots of great textures…