DS DAC - preferred SW version?

Back in April I traded in my PWT for a new DMP transport. Around the same time I decided to re-install Torreys on my DSJ since I was never enthralled with either Huron or Redcloud.

Torreys, for me, has better balance, PRaT, dynamics, and overall musical cohesion when compared to more recent SW releases. I tend to value the above criteria ahead of other categories.

Realizing we all have different systems, ears, and musical taste, I’m curious what folks prefer. Are most of you using Redcloud? Does anyone else prefer Torreys? Yale perhaps?

Got my Jr with the previous SW version. Then upgraded to Redcloud and never looked back. I have made a few system changes since then but the improvement was vast enough originally, I never even considered trying other versions. Not sure if that is much help but …

FWIW Redcloud and Huron are significantly technically better than any earlier release (lower noise, more faithful to the original material, less distortion etc.) Tho that’s been true of almost all previous releases compared to even earlier releases the steps to Huron and then to Redcloud were bigger (in an objective/measurable way.) Still I completely understand that some people prefer earlier releases and that’s perfectly fine.

I have enjoyed each new software version, but a good number preferred various older iterations. Unfortunately, all of their comments are divided up in various threads, primarily those threads discussing a given update but in other DAC threads as well. Perhaps they will chime in here.

I have a pretty flexible system in that I have all the different settings on the P10, I have bias and “speaker ohm” settings on my amps, I have gobs of gain I can “ride” on preamps and amp gain settings, and I can roll tubes. I’ve just installed each of the OS updates and played around and tailored the sound to bring out its best. I’ll do the same with the next.

Switching back from Redcloud test-wise caused jaw-dropping horror here :grimacing:

I recommend always the latest SW.

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jaw dropping horror? wow, I don’t even get that effect with MP3 on iPod.

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exaggerated I know :wink: but Redcloud really was a game changer for me and going back until Torreys really was much worse than I expected (as it was still good at the time)

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I am so accustomed to audiophile hyperbole I read past it and internally translated into real people speak.

Too bad I essentially missed it; jaw-dropping horror is an amusing phrase.

Redcloud is so obviously better to me than Torreys it is shocking. Redcloud is noticeably better than Huron too but at least Huron is in the same zip code.

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Ted, have you been working on another update? Or has the platform been squeezed for all it can be? Just curious.

He said recently over in the TSS topic (from what I understand), there will continue to be DS/DSJ updates after the new DAC is built (if it’s built, which I suspect it is). Infer from that there is some more squeezing to be done. He’s also said the timing of any future releases is up to PS Audio, not him.

Actually, whenever I did an upgrade - I never thought it would get better…and it always did. I was actually very hesitant to move Huron out to try Red Cloud because I liked it so much. Sure glad I did though.

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Brodric is correct. I expect another release this year, but you never know what might get in the way of it.

Will there at least be a patch to Redcloud to fix the DSD pops and ticks?

…and you have to take into consideration while translating, that the change from Torrey’s to Redcloud was really essential and backwards is always more „horrible“ :wink:

The last I heard Paul wants a new mountain top for the next release (i.e. new features / another sound quality increase.) They’ve had a patch since last year.

Ted, yes please shoot for another mountain top. For me, with a high efficiency dac-Amp-Voxativ system where I know redcloud comes oh-so-close to my audible reference of chord blue-dave. Ted: just a tad more reduction in noise floor and whatever other magic will, for me, become the new standard. Go go go!!!

I hope he’s not waiting for tectonic action to raise another mountain top :wink:

While Redcloud is smoother and more forward in my system, I prefer Huron because it provides a more realistic illusion of sitting in the audience (the simple miking used in RCA Living Stereo SACD rips are particularly good in this regard). I’m hoping the next version melds the positives of both - and maybe DSD256 via I2S.

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