Confirm weight of DS Snr Dac and BHK Pre for me please?

Have both dac and pre,
I’m looking now at isolation products for them.

Checking weight the Tech Specs says they are both 31 lbs [14 kg]?
Is that right?

Websites and reviews dotted around show 22lbs?

Sure they felt different last time I was moving them on my shelf!


I have never weighed either one but they certainly could weigh the same amount as chassis and cabinetry are nearly the identical.

When you read their published specs, be sure you’re looking at “unit weight”, not “shipping weight”.

My BHK pre weighs 21.8 lbs (I have the top metal screen removed).

Ron is correct. 31 lbs is the shipping weight.


Looking at 4 x Isoacoustic Isopuck Minis, at 6lb capacity each,
So 4 under each unit ( at 24lbs) would hit the sweet spot.


Yeah, I use (4) Bronze which have similar weight capacity- I think (4) Mini’s under each would work well.

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