Sprout 100 subwoofer output particulars

I’m considering a new Sprout 100 to replace my Onkyo stereo receiver, driving a pair of Klipsch RP500Ms, and hopefully soon a small subwoofer. I’m wondering if the subwoofer out on the Sprout 100 sends a full range signal, or if it’s low passed? And if it is low passed, what frequency does it output?

Additionally, when the subwoofer output is engaged, does the Sprout 100 high pass the main output, or is that signal still full range?


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The subwoofer output on Sprout is full range.

Thanks for the expeditious reply Paul! I’ll assume that the speaker outputs continue to pass a full range signal as well even when the sub out is engaged, unless someone chimes in to correct.

On a somewhat related note, I was trying to find this info in the Sprout 100 Owner’s Reference manual, and in the Subwoofer Output description on page 14, the text is cut off by an image of the Sprout. It displayed like this on a Mac and 2 iOS devices.

Anyway, thanks again for the info, and hopefully I’ll be able to spring for a Sprout 100 sometime soon!

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I’ll look into the manual part. Sorry about that and teaks for letting me know.

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Thanks Paul!

I just got small Harbeth speakers to keep my Sprout company and am about to order a REL sub-woofer. Normally I use high-level speaker outputs to drive sub-woofers. However, REL has a unique cable and I am not sure how to physically connect each of the two balanced wires to a single banana jack. I once saw stacked banana plugs (that can plug into another banana plug) but don’t know where to get them. If I use the speaker terminals instead where two wires could comfortably fit I might have to cut the special cable apart. Or I could cut off one strand at a time until I could shoehorn two wires into a single banana plug.

I may be overthinking this. Will I get the same audio quality by using the RCA plug?