Connecting a Mac Mini (2014) to DS DAC via USB or HDMI to I2S?

I’m currently running a DS with a BridgeII and wanting a server to act as my Roon core and quit using my laptop for that job. Would the HDMI out on the Mac Mini connect to the I2s on the DS? Or do I need to run a USB cable?


I2S and HDMI isn’t the same… yes both uses the same cable, but that’s all.

You need to use USB

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@audiojan is correct. The HDMI on your Mac mini is for video. USB is the way to get music out. If you want to use HDMI I2S into the Dac you will need a SPDIF converter like a Matrix SPDIF II.

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The I2S is the best input on the DS. If you want to get the best sound from your DS, get the Matrix SPDF 2 converter and run a good HDMI cable to the DS. Read about it here Matrix X-SPDIF 2

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