Best device to make an HDMI connection to DS DAC (Sr)?

I have yet to connect via an HDMI cable to the DS DAC. Music considerations only and Qobuz/Roon would probably be in the picture. I do have a cat 7 to the bridge, which allows for DoP/DSD64 and PCM 192 k, but it seems HDMI would be necessary to go beyond this to say, DSD128. Just curious if others have found something that fits in well when it comes to the HDMI connection.

The Matrix X-SPDIF 2 would be the obvious answer since so many here have chosen that already.


Use the search function for these forums. There is plenty of content related to your questions. No need to start a new thread.

The hdmi connection is used to pass an i2s signal.


Thanks for the feedback. I have looked into other threads a bit, so have explored what folks like bootzilla are saying on this topic. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve only had my DS Sr for weeks, maybe months…

Does the need arise for a Melco or similar device to coincide with the Matrix? Just trying to wrap my head around what needs to take place to get the most out of my situtaion. bootzilla used a Melco N1Z, which might be dated…at least it isn’t listed on their site anylonger. I’m trying to keep this reasonably priced, not going to be buying any $1k hdmi cables or any such thing, since I’ve already blown most of my cash on the DS Sr recently.

Cheers and TIA…a loyal PSA customer.

I just use an audio optimized NUC with an external SSD drive and power both with a LPS.

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I use a W4S music server via I2s to the DSD sr and love it. I do have the the EtherRegen feeding the music sever. Waiting on a revalation audio labs hdmi to round things out.

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I have a fanless linux based roon core…wonder if I can just go from there to the matrix. currently, I’m using the bridgell to the Sr.

A good USB cord goes a ways. But doing linear Power supplies a matrix and Revelation HDMI is the trick. Worth every step of the journey

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AFAIK there are a number of options to get a PCM bit stream to your Matrix. Less common are the means to get a native PDM bit stream to the Matrix (from, say, a DSF file). If your Linux server is using the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for the USB output then I think you’re already set. I don’t know Roon too well but isn’t it capable of reading DSF files and spitting out a PDM bit stream?

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If your are into spinning SACD’s :


since you have 2 I2S inputs, the other can be used for Spinning SACD’s.

Just a thought.


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Really great info. Thanks. I saw this hack a while back, but had made some McIntosh choices (prior to my PSA choices), that require a DIN cable from my MCT450 to my C47 …not different from the PSA move with their own disc player, etc. Two solid DACs to compare and contrast.

From my post in the Matrix thread I was told to find…

“Thanks for revisiting some of these ideas. Plan to give the ifi 9v a shot with the Matrix…and plug it into my P12. The Matrix will be fed from a fanless linux roon core, using a supra 2.0 usb cable that I’ll use, and will give a cheapo OneConvey HDMI 8K 2.1 cable a shot to get I2S into DAC sr. Wouldn’t have much of a need for the bridge at that point, so will just remove it for a bit and see what I get.”