Using Direct Stream in AV system


I have been thinking about using my DAC in my HT system.
Using it with Apple TV device.

I think I would need to use a HDMI de-embedder.
Am wondering if this will work and how to hook it up?
Since the Direct Steam uses I2S could I use this connection if there are any de-embedder that can accept this type of connection.

Most appreciated

HDMI from the Apple TV to your TV, then use the optical out from your TV to your DS.


This seems simple.

Maybe I should have mentioned I am using a Krell Foundation in my system and one of my audio friend’s is the one who brought up using the I2S connection on my DS.

I think there are HDMI de-embedders that can work with I2S.

Any thoughts on this?

I have seen discussions of people using an Oppo which I also have but not sure why anyone would even go through Oppo at all.

Thank you

I looked into this a while ago and could find none as it is not trivial to implement to the HDMI handshaking requirements. I use a decoder for t2S from my Opponent the DS DAC but could only get PCM Coax/Opt outputs from an HDMI Audio Exractor connected to my Anthem AVM60. I would love a direct I2S solution if you find one but am no longer optimistic.

I totally agree with you.

Could not find an adapter for using i2S.

It would be best to use Coax or optical.
Coax being my preference.

Would I need a de-embedder or an HDMI audio Extractor for this?

Any product recommendations?

I’m not sure if having a DS DAC would be worth it as the source you are referencing only puts out 48hz - 24 max. Unless something changed since I last researched this.

This is an excellent point.

I was also told by someone who is familiar with my processor reminded me that the internal DAC is quite good but with other sources my PS Audio DS is much better.

I found it interesting that after I had made my last post I received something from Kanex and they do make HDMI de-embedders and than I found another device that does seems to work with i2S.
Still fun to think and learn more about this.

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I can attest that the Kanex adapter does not support I2S as an HDMI Output. Its HDMI Output is for connection to TVs. Which device did you find that you believe works?

These are two terms for the same device.

I haven’t tried this but perhaps you could do what BK_Audiophile suggested above and take the optical or coax out from your TV and into a DDC like a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 3 to get you the I²S you’re after?


I believe the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 3 only has one input which is USB

I haven’t been following this thread, but there’s nothing wrong with just using TOSLink if it works for your setup. Some find TOSLink to be the best input to the DS since it avoids the extra ground loops in a system. AV can tie other grounds into your system: in my case my DTV boxes add the telephone ground and the satellite ground to the mains ground.

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My apologies. Of course you’re correct. Optical and Coax are output choices. Made the mistake of commenting based on my glitchy memory. :roll_eyes:

Absolutely correct about Kanex.
But they do seem to have something that will work for Coax and Optical.
I do not know who to add links to my post but I found something online,
HDMI/MHL interface audio i2S/DSD optical coax HDMI to is i2s for DOP board.
Will see if I can find this again.

I think your absolutely correct about the Matrix only having USB.


for some reason I was trying to avoid optical but your point makes excellent sense.

Assume I would still need some kind of adapter?

Not sure why you think so…maybe I misunderstood your intent…

Here is a picture of the back of the DS Sr. showing the location of the optical input:

I think I was confused because I was informed I needed a HDMI de-embedder but that was when I was thinking of using i2s.
But now I am not sure way I was thinking of using this connection when there are other options and as Ted says optical might be best.

Just to be clear,
I was asking how to hook up my DS for using with Apple TV device and I am running it through my Foundation processor.
I am not sure how to hook this up to my processor.

Apple is going into HDMI on processor.

Thought I needed some sort of adapter for this to work such as HDMI extractor?

I do realize Audio quality is limited do to Apple but I have been informed a good Dac such as this would not hurt.

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Let the processor handle the video and use either the optical audio out from the TV or an audio out channel from your video source or processor to feed the DAC.

If you post a picture of the output options from your processor, that might help us help you.

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I use one of these to get Apple TV into my DSD DAC:

Works quite well.

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