Connecting Technics Sl-1210 MK2 to DSJ


I know next to nothing about vinyl. A friend of mine has 4 of these turntables and 10,000 records. We would like to listen to a few albums through the DSJ. Is connection as simple as connecting the phono rca outputs from the Technics into the RCA input on the DSJ? Or is a phono stage, or something like that, needed?


In order to connect to the DSJ you need a phono stage with Analog to Digital conversion.

Old PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter which very unfortunately is no longer in the PS Audio program.

Are you using the DSJ as a pre-amp (meaning, they are directly connected to your power amps / active speakers and you control volume with the DSJ)?

Yes, I’m using the DSJ as a preamp…

You just need a regular Phono Preamp - connect to analog input of DSJ.

I think the DSJ doesn’t have any analog inputs…

oh ok assumed that it did - never mind.