Connecting two high level subs

I thinking of replacing my old KEF, with a pair of Wharfedale subs, my Arcam FMJ19 has no dedicated sub out so I will be running a high level connection with speaker cable from the amp to the sub. The KEF has 8 binding post (from amp and to speakers) the Wharfedale has only 4 high level binding posts. When running two subs should I run the left sub from the left speaker outputs on the amp and right for the right? Or stereo into one sub then stereo to the next? I hope that make sense basically how do you connect two subs?

Your first option, left to left, right to right.

Also, some believe (me included) that subs sound best being fed their signal via speaker outputs of the main amplifier such as you plan on doing, so no worries there.

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The subs would be in parallel with the amplifier outputs. You could daisy chain amp->sub 1->to sub 2. Since the subs draw no power from the amp that’s probably the way I would do it.

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If running two subs on separate sides of the room, that’s a lot of wiring to eventually get to that second sub. The IRS V woofer towers aren’t daisy chained, and those are crossed over at 70 Hz. So whether bass in music is stereo or mono or not, it still makes more sense to run them in a normal stereo mode, a.k.a. - left to left, right to right.

Yes, left to left, right to right. I don’t think that conflicts with my original advice. What am I missing here?

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Thanks Paul I think that’s the consensus, I’ve got some Y spade connectors, so should be able to put those and the banana plugs into the amp, with minimal cable usage.
Thank you

Because you said daisy chain amp to sub1 then from sub 1 to sub 2. At least that’s the way I read it.

I siad I run the left channel from amp to left sub, right channel from amp to right sub. No daisy chaining. Subs operate in stereo.