Sprout speaker binding posts

Not sure if this has been covered else, but attempts to hook up either my Analysis Plus or Cardas speaker cables to the Sprout’s small speaker binding posts have been frustrating. There is a very small amount of room to work with and the plastic post screws on the back don’t give enough torque to keep the cables in place tightly. In addition, the width of the metal in the heads isn’t wide enough to secure beefy spades. The speaker binding posts need to be improved to handle spade connections on speaker cables more tightly and securely.

It is also hard to get cables to fit without raising the back of the Sprout off the shelf surface.

Not an elegant solution but you might try spade-to-banana adaptors. I thought I might have to go that way but was able to get my spades attached.

I think with the tight quarters on Sprouts back panel, banana plugs are probably the way to go. I have all of my cables waiting for Sprout’s arrival.

Finally got my shipping notification yesterday and delivery is scheduled for Tuesday. Can’t wait!

I agree, they are pretty small. But to make them any bigger would cause the size of the Sprout to grow.

Thought larger sized speaker hookups and rca’s for analog in and out wouldn’t be all bad if the size had to grow in version 2.

That said, even with the tight quarters from the form factor, the plastic post screws need to be upgraded to metal so you can put a socket on it and wrench them down to get a decent amount of grip to hold the spades in place. It’s near impossible to get a good grip with the plastic post screws.

I agree bananas would work better, but many people already own (often expensive) speaker cables with spades.

Yeah, Scott and the team searched high and low for the right binding posts, did the best they could. I think they are one of the weak points in the final product. They’re certainly high quality and functionally ok but not as good as many would hope for. I think we can eventually do better.

The Sprout isn’t the first or only amplifier with hard to connect speaker binding posts. The “four in a square” pattern is quite challenging. For these I usually outfit my speaker cables with banana plugs as New Media suggests. I’m fond of Sewell Silverback plugs. They are reasonably priced and allow me to slide the speaker wire into the plug and tighten it down with two very large screws. If done properly it will hold like grim death.

The posts on the Sprout are small. What size banana plugs will the Sprout take? Any recommendations?


They were never really designed for spades. Better to use banana or wires if you can.

The banana plugs I have look far too big for the sprout. Which banana plugs would you recommend? Thanks

Banana plugs are pretty standard, I believe. Did you try what you have? You can email me directly if you want. paul@psaudio.com