Connectivity between Sprout 100 and stellar products


Is my Sprout 100 really truly compatible with the Stellar range? I am experiencing certain quirks and wondered if anyone has similar experience.

I have the Sprout 100, the Stellar Gaincell DAC and the Stellar S300 Poweramp.

I use the phonostage and Bluetooth on the Sprout 100, and use the Dac From the Gaincell DAC for a CD transport.

I have tried connecting the Sprout to the Gaincell DAC via RCA input. The Gaincell DAC is in turn connected to the S300 Poweramp via XLR. The problem with this is that I have to turn the volume of the sprout to Maximum in order that it’s volume registers through the Gaincell DAC. Is this causing any harm or over amplifying anywhere in my system?

I have also tried connecting the Sprout 100 directly to the S300 Poweramp via RCA, and the Gaincell DAC directly to the S300 Poweramp via XLR. They both sound fine with this configuration. However, when playing Vinyl on the sprout 100, I have to make sure the Gaincell DAC is turned on in order to hear sound (even although they are not connected to each other directly).

So which configuration is best and are they both acceptable to use in these ways?

I would like to keep the sprout for the phonostage and Bluetooth but only if any of these setups is considered acceptable and not going to harm the components in any way.

Thanks for any help.

Can’t comment on the first, but the second method, connecting sprout and GCD to the s300 is probably a Bad Idea, as you are connecting the outputs of two devices together effectively.
As demonstrated by having to turn the GCD off to hear the sprout. Even with one off though the possibility of damage is there.

Happy to be proven wrong, I don’t own the equipment you have, but on general principle it is not good.

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Thanks for response.

In actual fact, in the second configuration, the GCD has to be left on in order to hear the Sprout.

At moment I have sprout running through GCD.

I have only posted this because I have heard conflicting information about the correct connection. It would be good if somebody could clarify.

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I think there is a way to assign one of the inputs on the GCD as a home theater pass through. In which case the GCD volume control is deactivated and you shouldn’t have to turn your sprout up to max.

Thanks Patrick. You are spot on. That worked.

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