Stellar Phono Preamp On MC Work On Sprout 100?

I’m really enjoying my Stellar Phono Preamp so far and hardly put much musical mileage in it. Basically just scratching the surface and my cart asks minimum of 100 loading, so I’m trying Custom on 150ish. Also My cart is brand new along with the preamp so both are in process of break in or burn in. I’m now wondering how the Stellar phono would pair with the sprout 100. Only thing stopping me is I do use the stellar in MC. Says on the Sprout that MM would work. I guess I need some help with this issue. Thanks :slight_smile:

You connect your Stellar Phono with RCA (or XLR, but I don’t think the Sprout has those inputs) to an input on the Sprout. DO NOT connect it to the MM input!

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As @audiojan says, don’t plug it into the Sprout’s MM input, labeled “Vinyl,” I think (at least on the Sprout 100; not sure about the earlier model). That input has its own on-board phono preamp. I don’t know exactly what the result would be of doubling up on phono amplification and EQ, but I expect it would be unpleasant at best.

You need to plug the Stellar Phono via RCA cables to the Sprout’s single “Analog In” connection. If that connection is already in use, you’ll need to unplug that source component and substitute the Stellar.

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Thanks to all of you for helping me. I’d wanna avoid the MM input (Vinyl) and been looking at the Analog input. That’s where I could do it then. Nice, so it could definitely work. Reason I have been looking at the Sprout 100 is because I currently have creative’s SoundBlasterX G6 which has been great but PS Audio may have designed the Sprout 100 for Analog input (MC) to make this work better. Another big thing as well I want it to go into my laptop in order to record vinyl tunes. I hear good reviews on the Sprout 100. I’d order that and replace my SoundBlaster with the sprout in that case as there both PS Audio gear that could potentially work together