Soon to be a Sprout100 owner, question regarding using my Schiit Modius with it

First off, Paul McGowan, if you read this, know you’re the reason I ordered a Sprout100 this morning. Your presence on YouTube, your helpful videos are much appreciated, and give me high hopes for the quality of your company’s customer service!

My question is this, if I connect my CD player (used as a transport)/Modius DAC to the Sprout100 analog audio inputs via RCA cables, does that bypass the DAC in the Sprout100?

Welcome, and glad you’re enjoying his videos!

If you connect the system in this config, you’ll be taking advantage of the Modius’ DAC. I haven’t heard this particular DAC from them, but I’d be curious which DAC you think comes out on top. Transport going to Modius and then to Sprout100, or transport to Sprout100 direct.

Thanks for the quick reply James!

Congrats on your Sprout100! You’ll love it. I had a similar experience via Pauls videos and bought a Sprout100. I still have it as my 2nd system in my den (getting a LOT of use these days…). Beware though…the Sprout can be a gateway… (I just had to hear a SGCD…100% glad I did!).
Good listening!

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