Connexion directe MAC BOOK PRO > DSJ via RJ45


J’ai beaucoup de mal avec la langue anglaise (avec toutes mes excuses…).

Traduction automatique GOOGLE :

Pouvez-vous m’indiquer comment réaliser une connexion via un adaptateur Tunderbolt/RJ45 > vers un DSJr SANS passer par un switch ou un routeur ? Est-ce possible ?


I have a lot of trouble with the English language (with all my apologies ...).
GOOGLE automatic translation:
Do you have a comment on a connection via a Tunderbolt / RJ45 adapter> to a DSJr WITHOUT going through a switch or a router? 
Is it possible?
Thank you.

Yes, it should be possible. If the computer and the DSJ have a static IP network address (e.g. and they should be able to communicate with each other. However, I have not tested this.

I asked a similar question a while back and was advised to use an Ethernet crossover cable:

I’ve done it and love it. It’s a significant improvement in my system. Here’s a link for the discussion about how to go about it. BTW, the computer and DAC (Directstream Senior in my case) don’t have to have a fixed IP address to make this work.

Amgradmd’s method works great for me and my 2011 Mac Mini. Note that modern Macs are auto-sensing so you should not need a crossover cable.

Thank you to all of you,
I tried fixed IP, static, crossover cable, etc. Nothing to do.
Audirvana, Roon, and Jriver, not recognizing the bridge.
This bridge is however active on the MAC BOOK PRO (radio green button: active connection), the proof, if I disconnect the RJ45 cable the bridge is disactivated as early (radio button red).
I think to stay for the moment in USB …

Merci à vous tous,

J’ai essayé IP fixe, statique, câble croisé, etc. RIEN à faire.

Audirvana, Roon, et Jriver, ne reconnaissant pas le pont.

Ce pont est pourtant actif sur le MAC BOOK PRO (radio bouton vert : connexion active), la preuve, si je débranche la câble RJ45 le pont se désactive aussi-tôt (radio bouton rouge).

Je pense rester pour le moment en USB…