How to stream content to the DS over local network?


I referred to the owners manual for assistance, which hasn’t lead to me making any progress to get my DS to play anything over hardwired ethernet.

Using eLyric on Mac the DS “Playing Status” web UI correctly sees what it is supposed to be playing, and eLyric sees the DS, but no noise comes out. I know eLyric has been discontinued, so I tried VLC and despite some effort I have no idea how to get it to work with DS Bridge.

I have music on my MacBook Air, which connects wirelessly to the local network. I want to use the MacBook Air + whatever software as the music renderer and have the music come out of the DS. If possible I don’t want to buy any software to make this work, and I don’t want to use USB (yet). I have no idea how to proceed. The other thing is (as far as I know) my local network does not support UPnP. The Fortigate router does not allow UPnP traffic by design, is this problematic for network streaming via Bridge? Certainly when UPnP devices on my network search for other UPnP devices on the network they can’t find any.

My DS has 400+ hours in use. I just can’t pick any sonic differences for 44.1/16 content via coax to the DS, compared with connecting my source player analog out direct to the pre-amp. So I really need to get this DS network streaming to come to the party and bring me some new capability, because as a DAC for red book CD content the DS is not really doing anything that my CD player can’t already do (as I say, they sound virtually identical and impossible for me to reliably pick whether the DS or CD player is doing the D/A work). Obviously my CD player is very good, but it lives in it’s own network ecosystem that doesn’t allow content on my MacBook Air to be turned into music. For that I need the DS.

And the other thing. I loaned my DS to somebody who was contemplating buying one, so they could do a long term in-home demo. Unfortunately the gloss black top came back with a deep scratch. I could black out the scratch with an artline texta and it would be less obvious, but this wouldn’t restore the gloss top coat. Can the piano gloss top be purchased separately as a spare part?


The Bridge does rely on UPnP so that sounds like a problem. Alternative free software you could try includes minimserver. Others on the board are much more conversant on that topic than I am. It also relies on UPnP, however. I’ve never heard of a router before that deliberately won’t pass UPnP. Is that something that can be changed in the router settings? Otherwise you might be able to stream directly to the Bridge from your Mac using a wireless access point on the Bridge end. I’ve never tried it so can’t really help with the setup but I believe it is possible (I have heard of people connecting Macs directly to the Bridge using Ethernet).


Yes you can connect your Mac to the DS via ethernet but I regret to tell you I had so many connection problems I finally bought a NAS and put my music on it with Minimserver, which is a UPnP. Since then I have basically zero connection issues or drops. I too have never heard of a router that would not do UPnP. As a controller I use mconnect HD on my iPad, I’m not crazy about some of its features like the art but it too is very stable.


I suspected as much Roger. I think the answer here is likely to address the router’s inability to handle UPnP, either by adjusting the router’s settings or by replacing it, or possibly setting up a separate music-only network with a different router for the Bridge.


You have to invoke the uPnP/DLNA feature in the router.


I contacted Fortinet Support and confirmed what I suspected. Fortigate routers block all UPnP traffic by design, and there is no way around it.

Has anybody tried connecting an access point in client-bridge mode via ethernet to the bridge? The MacBook Air would therefore connect on a dedicated wifi link to the bridge via the client-bridge access point and thus bypass the router.



I have not but I understand you can directly connect the Mac to the bridge if you use a crossover Ethernet cable. If I recall correctly the addresses of both are best set for static.


How do I give the Bridge a static IP? I opened the Network Configuration web UI, entered the new network settings (LAN DHCP = NO), “Save/Apply” then restarted DS, but it has come back up on the network with a DHCP address and not the static address I gave it.

…not to worry, I worked out how to do it via the touchscreen…


I have not done mine for awhile but this sounds correct. I was thinking there was a guide on the PSA site’s ‘Support/How To’, but can’t find one now. Others more network savvy can probably assist you better than me at this point.


Here is a link to an old discussion on static set up,


I have tried connecting the MacBook Air directly to the DS Bridge via both straight and crossed ethernet cables. Both are on static IP. Selected Bridge input on the DS. Can’t get it to work.

Computer audio is so frustrating. I just revert back to connecting the CD player directly to the pre-amp, it works every time, oh the joy of the simplicity.

If only there was a definitive networking audio reference for the DS. Just a solution that is simple and works is all I want. Can’t find anything that is simple, or that works, yet…

And about my scratched DS top cover, do PS Audio sell replacements? So annoying lending my DS to help out someone who was contemplating buying one for this to happen (and he decided against buying one angry_gif)


Sorry you cannot connect as I said earlier that’s why I moved to a NAS (which is also a computer of course). PSA does sell parts I believe, suggest you contact customer support.


This article may be helpful re directly connecting a Mac to the Bridge (wired):


When I assign the bridge a static IP and subnet mask, after I reboot the DS the changes are not being saved. It comes back on with IP and mask which is obviously not what I want.


Unless you’re trying to stream Hires, just get an airport express and stream to it from your macbook.

All this mumbo jumbo then irrelevant.

You may need to add the air server or airfoil app on the macbook…


…yes, I’m trying to stream HiRes. Downloads from Linn, HDTracks, and DSD, etc.


What’s wrong with the Airport Express on hi rez ?


Something along these lines:

  • Connect your laptop to the device with a crossed cat.5 cable (or go through a switch with any type of cat. 5 cable).
  • Change the Bridge network parameters to, e.g.
o IP

o Mask

o Default Gateway

o Primary DNS Server

  • Change the IP address on the laptop to e.g. (same sub-net) and reconnect to the Bridge by entering in your browser.
  • Now try to stream music.
The most common error is that your laptop NIC still is saying DHCP.

Change it back when done.

rogerdn said What's wrong with the Airport Express on hi rez ?
It's limited to 16/44, IIRC.


What is IIRC ?