DS links with Mac via Bridge 1 card

I just installed Bridge 1 card into my DS and links it with an Ethernet cable to a Mac, no router used.

I found JRiver on mac could not found DS via Ethernet, presumed I need to setup IP address and subnet on DS, where can I find detailed steps to set it up properly?

Appreciated your help.


Are you using a standard ethernet cable or a crossover cable? The latter is required when connecting the Bridge directly to a computer without going through a router or network switch.

just installed a crossover cable to link Mac with Bridge 1 of DSD.

On Mac and DSD side, if I select DHCP, no sound output via JRiver, then I select manual as below, still no sound output. Anywhere I should modify?








Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Please double-check your subnet. They must both be the same: is most common. The rest looks okay.


Thanks a lot! Magister & JP

Finally, after one year, I can play music via bridge instead of USB port. I currently using Jriver MC 22 for Mac, any tips for best setting to get sound quality and album art from MC 22?

I reviewed “How To xxx” and noticed some setting are different than in MC 22.

Well done, Magister and Wingsounds 13!