Considering P15, can I plug in another conditioner into it?

I’m thinking of getting a P15 and would like all my electronics plugged into it. Unfortunately the low powered electronics are 20 feet away from my BHK 300 amps. I currently have a Blue Circle power line conditioner for the rack and the 300’s are plugged directly into the wall.
Would it be advisable to plug in the Blue Circle power line conditioner into the regenerator with a longer AC power cord, or should I just use the P15 for the amplifiers, or conversely sell the Blue Circle power line conditioner and use the P15 only for the electronics on my rack and keep the amplifiers connected to the wall?
I’ve been mulling over this for some time in my head, but want some additional recommendations.


Sell the power conditioner. It will only reduce the positive aspects of the regenerator.

Thanks Paul. I will do that. Now where should I put the P15? On the amps or the other electronics?

Well I sold my conditioner and now I’m a happy owner of a P15. I have on order a power distribution block made with aluminum casing, star wiring, with no conditioning or surge, and six quality American Denki of Japan outlets and OCC copper. A 15 foot IEC power cable will allow me to plug my low powered electronics to the P15. BHK monoblocks are plugged into the HC outlets.
Averaging 3.8-4.6% distortion with sine wave clipping evident. Getting 0.1% out and a steady 120 voltage now.
P15 has an 11 gauge shielded custom power cable.

Yes. Welcome to the world of good and reliable power.

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