Should my P15 be popping CB for this?

So I just got a pair of Pass X260.8 monoblocks. I normally don’t plug my amp(s) into any sort of power conditioning, but in this case the outlet I normally use for my amp was not liked by the monos (for some reason I was getting ground loop noise when with my old amp there is none). So I decided to (temporarily) run the amps via an extension cord into my P15. When I did the P15 it blew its internal breaker (or whatever it is). Repowering the P15 got everything back, but I can’t seem to power these amps with it.

The P15 indicates that without the amps the draw is 190W. Each X260.8 draws 390W. So it seems the total would be on the order 970W. Isn’t the P15 capable of providing for this kind of load?

My guess is the in-rush current of the amps trips the protective circuit.

Have you tried turning everything off, and the turning on the amps individually, and ending with the other equipment?

Try the HC outlets for the amps.

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I’ll give that a try Elk, although if it works it will make for a real PITA way to get my system going, as my source gear is on 24/7.

No difference.

And one at a time?

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I did, but it was pretty quick. Maybe the P15 was still getting current inrush from the first one.

Anyone know what the current limit is on a single P15 outlet?

The purpose of the “HC” outlets is to accommodate inrush of amplifiers. The only way to benefit from this feature is to turn the P15 off, plug your amps into the HC outlet, turn them on and then turn the P15 back on.
If you leave everything on after this, there should be no problem.
btw, REALLY NICE amps.

Thanks @RonP. What do I do, though, when I have to turn the amps off when I’m done listening, and then turn them back on when I want to listen at some other time?

Just use the P15 to turn them on and off.

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I see no reason to turn off the main power switch (of the amps) on the rear panel. The button on the front panel puts the amp in standby and in that mode the amp is consuming next to nothing—around one watt. So when you’re ready to listen, just push the front standby switch. That’s what I’ve always done with my Pass amps. And if you’re shutting the whole rig down, use the rear power switch on your P15 as your main control.

Ron did a much better job explaining than I.

That’s what I did, @RonP, but when I depressed the front button on the first amp the P15 shut down. I still wonder if the current draw from Standby to full on is too much for the regenerator. If Pass Labs is open today I’ll see if I can get some info from Kent.

The power supplies in Pass amps are as good as it gets. The best solution might be to find a good dedicated outlet and plug them into the wall. No extension cords, please.

I spoke with Kent over at Pass. While he doesn’t know exactly, he estimates that the momentary current draw on an X260.8 could be on the order of 30 amps - for some small number of milliseconds. I tend to agree that straight into the wall is probably the best way to go, but in my existing configuration it means figuring out how to get rid of a ground loop.