Power Regenerator Into Dedicated 15 amp Circuit

I’m in the process of moving my stereo rack from between the speakers to a side wall. Currently, I have a Furman power conditioner plugged into a PS Audio wall receptacle on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. All of my equipment is plugged into the Furman. I plan to replace the Furman with a P12. I also plan to purchase a BHK250 or Stella M1200s. In either case, my plan is to plug the amp or amps into the 20 amp circuit.

I want to know if it’s OK to plug the P12 into a 15 amp circuit that’s not dedicated, but will have no other devices on that circuit? Plugged into the P12 will be a BHK pre amp, DSD Sr., Stella phono preamp, Technics 1200G TT, Innous Zenith MKII, and SGC linear power supply.

Since the P12 regenerates clean power what’s the harm?

If you do not have anything else plugged into that circuit, in essence it’s the same as a dedicated circuit. I plugged my TT and motor controller, DS DAC, Streamer, DMP, Oppo 4k player, pre-amp, and 200w per channel power amp all into the P12 with no issues what so ever. When the system is going full tilt, the P12 is just cruising along. I tried plugging the power amp in to the wall and forget it, it sounds much better with the power amp plugged into the P12. You can hear more roughness and a little more distorted with the power amp plugged to the wall.

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I have a dedicated 15A circuit for my devices and it feeds a quad outlet receptacle. Great results with a P5. The BHK 300’s are not on the P5 but directly into the wall. A P5 can’t handle the 300’s. But everything else is and it sounds really good. The P5 powers: BHK preamp, Stellar Phono, DSD. PWT, Rega P8, HDPlex 300W, Roon Server, Matrix, EtherRegen. It’s usually around 22% load.

I’m going to start off with my amp(s) between and behind the speakers near my front wall, plugged into the 20 amp circuit. The P12 and my equipment rack will be along the left wall towards the rear of my listening room. I’ll position the P12 on the left side of the rack and the BHK pre amp on the right side. I can then run 15’ XLR cables to the amp(s) without being near any power cables.

@watchdog507 Thanks for the info. This gives me confidence that my setup will work as well.

Yes, as Watchdog said, you’ll have no problem running this config at all. Will be a great sounding system as well!

My system already sounds great to me :grin:! I want it to sound awesome :smile:!

My speakers are Tannoy DC8Ti’s that I am quite happy with. I’m using a NAD M22v2 power amp, which does a nice job, but I feel is the weak link in my system. I have no doubt the BHK250 or Stellar M1200’s will do a much better job. I want the BHK250 but don’t have a forklift or elevator to get it into my basement :worried:

If it’s the only outlet in the circuit, you’re OK.

If, however it’s part of a series of outlets, there may be a problem. The rule here is to make sure it’s the first socket in line from the panel. Otherwise each successive series connection is increasingly subject to higher voltage drops under load.

It will still work, but not as you might expect from a fully dedicated 1:1 circuit… Not because of noise, but because of “Vd”.

Whether you can tell a difference is a different story. You could try to A/B by using a reasonably long cable from the 20A circuit to your P12.


When my basement was finished, I installed the cables between outlets and lights. I had my electrician connect the home runs to the breaker box. I placed lights and plugs in each room on different circuits. In my listening room, the outlet I plan to use for the P12 is the closest to the breaker box. My rack will be on the same wall as my breaker box, which is near the front wall. The P12 will be about 13’ from the box at the current rear wall.

During remodeling, I’m removing the rear wall altogether turning my 13.5’ x 11.5’ room into a 13.5’ x 25’ room. I was trying to avoid running another dedicated 20 amp line because of the drywall repair and repainting I would need. But, I may just do that. I will also drop two more Ethernet lines - one for the Zenith and one for the P12.

Thanks for the advice.


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I have my P12 on a dedicated 20A circuit and a P5 on a non-dedicated shared 15A circuit. Both work fine.

Thanks! Makes sense to me since they both regenerate power.

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I just checked both.

P-12 - 1.6% THD in, 01. THD out (20 amp dedicated circuit)
P-5 - 1.7% THD in, 0.1 THD out. (15 amp shared circuit)

Southern California SCE.

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One benefit of a dedicated home run is an unfettered ground path. We often talk about cleaning the mains, but ground is a potential source of contamination that very few solutions solve for.

I recently read about a guy who had noise generated by his computer graphics card run up the ground line to his subwoofer that then passed it to his AVR which had no ground and it became audible. Floating his subwoofer ground removed the noise.

Doesn’t seem to be an issue downstream for me. Both regenerated outputs were 0.1% THD.