Control Sprout100 with Firestick remote


I’ve recently purchased a Sprout100 amp and I am trying to program my Amazon Fire Stick remote with the Sprout100’s IR codes. I was able to do this easily on an old Technics SA-GX690 receiver, the “SA-DX” series popped right up as an option and the firestick remote controlled the receiver immediately.

But I am not having as much luck with the new Sprout100. The firestick does list three different PS Audio IR profiles - PCA Series Preamplifiers, GCPH Phono Preamplifier, or PerfectWave Transport DAC. However none of these are working for me. PerfectWave Transport is the only current PS product listed but even that IR profile has no reaction on the sprout. Are any of these profiles identical to the sprout? If not would it be possible to add the Sprout100 codes to the amazon database? Or is the firestick remote simply incompatible?