Program Samsung Smart Remote to control Sprout100 volume

I just got a Sprout100 and have it connected using optical to a new Samsung QLED TV. At this point, I can can get sound out, but cannot use the remote to control the Sprout’s volume. The Samsung smart remote can be “programmed” to control other devices, but only through the interface on the TV which requires that I pick a manufacturer and model number for the device I want to control. This worked on my Denon–the TV was able to find the appropriate IR codes to control volume through optical output. For the Sprout, the Samsung finds PS Audio, then asks for a model number. I have tried SP2 and Sprout100, but it can find neither of those. At one point I think I typed 100 and it came back with GCC100–that didn’t work either.

Has anyone successfully programmed a Samsung Smart Remote to control the Sprout’s volume? Is there an online database of model numbers and IR codes that Samsung is using? It is not a big deal, but one less remote to deal with (and lose in the sheets, since this is on our bedroom system) is always better.