Control woofer

Hi all just wanted to know if any of you have seen this before. I have some spare control woofers for my betas. This one I just bought used, the dust cap came dented so I removed it and found that the accelerometer was fully exposed and didn’t look like any of my other control woofers. The little whit table that it sat on looks to have been removed and the accelerometer was re levelled and put back in its place as well the top cover of the accelerometer is no longer there as well. Iam nervous to try this driver out based on what I have read that these are pressure sensitive that was why the coil gap as well as the holes under the dust cap were sealed. Any thoughts on this or should I ride the lighting and give it a shot.


Give it a shot. Just test with the bass gain all the way down. Gradually raise to your normal listening level. If there is any trouble, lower the bass gain and write it off.

Couple years late to the party but since it wasn’t answered, thought I’d enter my experience for the archives!

When I was trying to get my newly acquired Betas working right, it was suggested that I try covering the control woofer cone vent holes. I did it just like shown in your photo but on the other side of the cone so it could be removed without touching the dust cap. System seemed to perform better (both by my ears and spectrum analyzer) with them covered. Also tried vented (mesh) and solid dust caps and went with solid.

This was back around 2010 so the measurements I made are long gone.

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