A little help for a friend in need

Just caught up with an old dear friend with an interesting story. He’s had Acoustat Spectra22 speakers for many years which is what I owned many years ago. He’s having some issues with his amplifier and I just happened to have an Innersound Electrostatic Amplifier collecting dust in the basement. Just shipped to him for the cost of shipping only to give this fine amp a proper home.

I can clearly remember finding this amp to drive my Acoustats after struggling with a Nakamichi PA5 that simply was not up to the task of driving such a demanding load. What a revelation to hear those speakers driven properly for the first time. It really does feel good to do something without concern for monetary compensation. I’m certain he will thoroughly enjoy the amp as it should be instead of sitting idle in my basement.

Merry Christmas to all!

Testing just before shipping. Had to be very careful with my high sensitivity single driver speakers as the amp is rated at 300w/channel!


Well done, these outbursts are so rare nowadays and could be an inspiration to others!

Wonderful story. I had the original Accustat speakers and the 22’s as well. They weren’t easy to drive but electrostatics were the bomb. Glad the amp has a good home and a happy owner.