Corner radius of PowerBase vs. corner radius of PWD/PWT


Has anyone noticed that the corner radii of the PowerBase is different from corner radii of the PWD/PWT? Sorry to niggle, but the radius of the two front corners of PowerBase makes for corners that are sharper and that stick out further than the corners of either the PWD or PWT (or both) when they are placed on top.


I’ve noticed it. I like the way the components all look together (I have PWD and PWT on top of the PWB, both the PWD and PWT are on Herbie’s Audio Lab iso-Cups, the black version with Mossgreen Quartz balls).


The radius are the same overall but the PWD has an asymmetry to its radius that we couldn’t follow on the PB. I too think it helps the PWD standout when on the PB.