Powerbase and BHK 300's

I’m not sure about the correct forum as this could land in a few places. I have a pair of BHK 300’s coming soon and my sound room is a compromise. I’ve decided to reorient the layout and I’m challenged with a power distribution issue. One solution involves plugging both 300’s into a PS Audio Powerbase and running my pre/sources out of my P5. Will this work sonically? The other possible way is using some sort of high quality power distribution box and plugging everything into the box including Amps, P5, all sources including the pre. I have a fortune in power cables, unfortunately they are all 1-2 meters and that’s coming up short.

I thought the Power Base detracted from the sound quality so I gave up using the electrical portion of it.
Hopefully other users will chime in.

I agree. I like the PowerBases for their vibration removal, but not so much their electrical performance on the 300s. You might consider the Dectet. I use that often as an extension box at shows and it does not detract from the sound.

Paul, just to be clear for myself as well as others who will read this post in the future, when you say “…but not so much their electrical performance on the 300s.” the performance degradation is on higher current components like amplifiers, correct? The use of the PowerBase outlets with lower current components is a good thing, right? I am under the impression the PowerBase outlets are an improvement over straight from the wall outlet. In my case I use the outlets to power the subwoofer amps in my Vandersteens, a pretty low current “component”. I do that mainly because I ran out of outlets and thought it better than a power strip (including my PS Audio one). Someday I’ll get a P10 and solve the outlet problem, but a BHK pre jumped the line …

Correct. The power conditioner in the PowerBase is good for lower powered products, subwoofer amps, and most power amps - but for some reason not the 300s. I am not sure why because I have used the PBs on a number of amps with great success. But when I tried them on the BHK products I found it robbed the amp of some of its magic. Not sure why. The BHK products benefit specifically from Power Plants and to a degree I haven’t seen on other products. Strange.