Why did you stop this product?

The sales just weren’t there anymore. At first it sold very well but over time they dried up to only a handful a month and that’s too expensive to maintain inventory.

Life is life, thanks for info.

That’s a shame as this product is an unheralded gem. Although I don’t use them “plugged in” with most components their value as an isolation stand is high, especially for Power Plants, disc players and (little mentioned fact) turntables (fantastic under my Rega RP3).

I do use the electrical outlets for my DVR and TV, both sitting on PowerBases. Here the electrical isolation visibly renders improvement.

I have all my components on PowerBases but one. In time I’ll fix that. :slight_smile:

Paul, I feel if it was just an isolation base without power at a lesser price they may have sold more and steady? Anyone want to chime in with thoughts?

I agree with you. We may resurrect them as I do love them.

I’d like to see that soon. I’d like them under my 300’s and P10. I have my other components ( DS dac, DSMP, BHK pre, TT, and Oppo ) on a Solid Tech ROS rack.

They may well sell better as an isolation base alone if offered at a significantly lower price.

It is all about market perception. At their price, they were a great buy as they provided both vibration control and excellent power filtering. But I do not think the average audiophile truly appreciated what they did and how well.

Thanks but what stopped us is the pricing. The vast majority of that product’s costs were not in the AC side but the base itself and all its metal and construction.

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Interesting! My uninformed guess is the electronic components were a more substantial part.

I still think the combination of vibration control and power improvement is both exceedingly clever and practical. And, if you are like me, you can still add your favorite cones, Stillpoints, whatever, on top of the PowerBase for an even greater improvement.

Paul, keep it on the back burner. I’d rather see the speakers, server, bridge III first!

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I bought one from a friend and since, I was perplexed about why it’s no longer made. Most excellent product.

Glad I got mine b4 you discontinued, have seven ! love them esp under my TT.

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I have three, two of which were purchased right before they were discontinued. I truly regret not buying another one as I knew a DMP purchase was inevitable. I don’t have them powered since the P10 is enough for my rack, they are strictly for vibration. I would definitely buy a powerless version if one were ever produced.

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I have nine of them in my system! The cumulative effect is audible. Luckily I bought many of them used or heavily discounted. At one time I used them each powered by the P5 and then these powering the components, but eventually as many have I discovered the system sounds better with them as isolatino devices alone–with one exception. I power my DVR and TV from a PowerBase that is plugged into the was (via a Solist SE). Really cleans up the picture and sound.


never even knew that product existed- amazing what you learn on here. Something to keep a look out for, for under the Jr. ! (and a pre one day)…

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